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Geoffrey Bessin

Member since: Sep 15, 2014
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Dynamic Digital Signage - a Useful Tool for Teachers

As a teacher, you have to keep up with technology in order to cater to the learning preferences of a younger generation of learners. Dynamic digital signage is quickly becoming the norm, as this handy...

Articles > Computers > Software Jan 19, 2017
Education Presentation Software to Enhance the Learning Power of the Students

Technology is one of the factors that helped improve teaching and learning in schools. It enhances the learning experience by enabling a better way to present subjects, so students can be motivated...

Articles > Computers > Software Mar 17, 2017
Enjoy Great Benefits with Digital Signage in Business

There is something about video and moving pictures that never fails to captivate the viewer. Hence, businesses use these elements to create effective and enthralling promotional materials. You can do...

Articles > Computers > Software Jun 18, 2016
Enjoy Great Benefits with Lg Digital Signage Software

Do you wish to promote or demonstrate a new product to your target audience? You can easily do so with webOS and a cutting edge LG digital signage software. LG developed an award-winning webOS...

Articles > Computers > Software Jul 19, 2016
Get Connected and Expressive Digital Signage in Your Retail Stores Through Intuilab

Retail establishments are becoming more tech savvy, utilizing new technology to meet the increasing demands for consumer and in-store interaction. Customer engagement is a huge deal in today’s...

Articles > Computers > Software Sep 10, 2020
Get Your Business on-Track to Success with Touch Screen Kiosk Software

Businesses should always be on the lookout for new ways to improve brand image and consumer experience. Self-service, touch screen kiosks are among the most advanced tools that are now playing a vital...

Articles > Computers > Software Sep 19, 2014
How Multi Touch Interface Software Can Be Used in an Industrial Setting

There is no questioning the benefits of technology in commercial as well as in industrial settings. With industrial and manufacturing automation becoming a well-adopted trend, many companies now allow...

Articles > Computers > Software Sep 19, 2014
How to Deliver Your Ideas from Anywhere to Everywhere with Digital Signage Software

Keeping up with business competition requires staying on top of marketing trends that put your brand and business in consumers’ minds. Digital signs are taking over many traditional advertising...

Articles > Computers > Software Apr 19, 2017
How to Get to the Top of Your Buyers Mind with Digital Signage Solutions

The good old days of paper displays are coming to pass as businesses start to embrace digital solutions for their marketing needs. While old fashioned posters, flyers, and brochures can go a long way...

Articles > Computers > Software Apr 19, 2017
How to Make a Good Trade Show Presentation – Three Tips You Need to Know

Trade shows are a great opportunity for you to showcase your business and attract key clients, suppliers, or buyers in your industry. To make a good impression, you need to set up an enticing booth...

Articles > Computers > Software Jul 19, 2016
In an Increasingly Digital World, Offer Your Services Through a Digital Signage Platform

Traditional media in an increasingly digital world can be less effective, especially if it has to compete with digital signage. While it all depends on the presentation and the content, traditional...

Articles > Computers > Software Feb 20, 2017
Interactive Digital Signage Software for Customer Communication

The problem with conventional digital signage products is that they cannot provide feedback because they are not designed to gather information from customers. If your goal is to make effective...

Articles > Computers > Software Nov 18, 2016
Interactive Kiosk - Innovative Digital Marketing Gadget

Interactive kiosks are known for their near limitless capacity to organize, prioritize, and disseminate information. With unique features like multi-touch interactive touch screens, these devices...

Articles > Computers > Software Aug 05, 2015
Interactive Presentation Software Can Help You Create Amazing Digital Experiences

With the rising use and acceptance of Web 2.0 in private business, educational, and marketing environments, web and internet services are also facing rising demands, thus pushing developers to create...

Articles > Computers > Software Jun 20, 2015
Manage Your Content Fast and Easily with the Help of Intuifac’s Digital Signage Software

Digital signs now form an essential part of retail environments. Now that in-store experiences are evolving with the times, listening to consumer demands is critical if you are to stay ahead of your...

Articles > Computers > Software Sep 21, 2018
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