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Geoffrey Bessin

Member since: Sep 15, 2014
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Make Your Kiosk Interesting with Touchscreen Software

Technological trends seem to affect every aspect of life nowadays. In business, it is quite impossible to compete with rivals without adapting to the latest technological advancements that consumers...

Articles > Computers > Software Sep 17, 2014
3 Latest Presentation Software Available for Multimedia Interation

PowerPoint presentations may have been the star of the conference room for the longest time but as times change, so do people's tastes and preferences when it comes to the way that they are fed...

Articles > Computers > Software Jan 20, 2016
Digital Presentation Software – Which One Isrecommended?

When it comes to growing the bottom line, one of the most important sales tools every company needs is a goodproduct presentation material. Whether you need to use digital presentation software to...

Articles > Computers > Software Nov 20, 2015
Many Benefits of Using Advanced Dynamic Presentation Software

Creating interactive digital presentations used to be challenging and time-consuming because it typically requires coding knowledge. But these days, you can use advanced dynamic presentation software...

Articles > Computers > Software Oct 18, 2016
Use Dynamic Presentation Software to Create Excellent Presentations

When the need for quality presentation to promote a business, new product or service arises, most marketers nowadays turn to dynamic interactive presentation software to get the job done. When you...

Articles > Computers > Software Jun 20, 2015
How Touchscreen Kiosks Are Benefiting an Ever-Increasing Variety of Industries Around the World

Touchscreens are innovations that have encouraged and implemented self-service technologies in various industries. Advancements in touchscreen technology have made them widespread, especially as...

Articles > Computers > Software May 22, 2017
Improve Your Retail Marketing with Samsung Digital Signage

Samsung is one of the leading innovators of digital signage technology to help businesses facilitate retail operations, promote brands, and provide a more exciting shopping experience through dynamic...

Articles > Computers > Software Jun 18, 2016
Touch Screen Kiosk Software - Experience Its Magical Touch

Whether you’re a marketing manager for a retail conglomerate or an owner of a small retail store, you are probably looking for ways to further reach out to your customers. Have you considered touch...

Articles > Computers > Software Jan 19, 2017
An Interactive Learning Tool to Change the Classroom Experience

Classroom learning can be challenging without the proper teaching tools. While many schools still take on a traditional teaching approach, a growing number are starting to incorporate newer...

Articles > Computers > Software Dec 20, 2016
An Overview of Web Based Presentation Software: Across the Extended Enterprise

Presentations are a way of life for many professionals. Speaking styles often differ between presenters, but one thing most of them have in common is the need for visual productions to accompany their...

Articles > Computers > Software Jun 20, 2015
Android Based Digital Signage for Best Presentation Outcomes

Android screens come in different sizes ranging from tablets to larger full HD displays, but they all boast of lower TCO, good performance, and ease of use. This is why they have become the widely...

Articles > Computers > Software Dec 20, 2016
Best Practice Advice for Pc Kiosk Software

Kiosk system software generally addresses security by keeping and deterring users from maliciously hacking into or attacking the kiosk. In essence, the system must be able to constantly prevent the...

Articles > Computers > Software Sep 16, 2014
Build Highly Functional Applications for Samsung with Digital Signage Software of Intuiface

IntuiFace, the leading platform for designing, deploying, and measuring digital, interactive experiences now offers support for Smart Samsung Signage devices and any connected object in the IoT...

Articles > Computers > Software Apr 23, 2018
Complete the Digital Needs of Your Business with the Best Digital Signage Software of Intuiface

Digital signs are highly efficient advertising and brand awareness platforms. These electronic displays can be used to deliver important information about your business’ products and services as well...

Articles > Computers > Software Jun 22, 2018
Corporate Presentation Software – Another Way to Streamline Your Business

As the owner of your company, it is your responsibility to find ways to make your business more effective and efficient. You can achieve this by switching to faster, more reliable, and simpler methods...

Articles > Computers > Software Jul 19, 2016
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