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Member since: Apr 23, 2015
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Branding in a Fragmented Mediascape

Branding Agency in IndiaIntegrated BrandingOver the last few years, the media landscape has changed dramatically. The fragmentation between traditional, online and new outlets like influencer...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Branding May 11, 2018
Creating a Professional & Effecctive Corporate Identity

With the increasing competition, companies are getting more conscious about their corporate identity or brand image. Most of the businesses, right from small scale to large scale, are focusing on and...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Branding Jul 26, 2015
Frugal Branding Tm - Exclusive Brand Consultancy & Services for Startups

FRUGAL BRANDING - INTERICS DESIGNSLaunching a startup is no picnic! It faces many challenges and 'concerns' such as product development, raising funds, building a team, prioritizing essentials. No...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Branding Apr 05, 2018
Inbound or Outbound Marketing? That is the Question!

Outbound marketing is so called because it involves sending the message out, far and wide, hoping it will find and resonate with the desired customer. Traditional advertising such as billboards...

Articles > Business & Careers > Corporate Apr 18, 2018
Integrated Branding Demands a Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Branding is more than just communication. The three most common communication activities according to Michael Levine, renowned PR specialist, are Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations. But...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Branding Apr 25, 2018
Steps to Effective Brand Identity Design

Whatever your business size, mission or product, a corporate identity is critical, especially in today's highly competitive environment. Shelves are crowded and customers have more options than ever...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Branding Aug 27, 2018
Think Beyond Logo Design to Corporate Identity

Interics Designs’ Corporate Identity ProgramStarting a new company? Feel your current logo is looking jaded and old fashioned? It’s time for a new logo.Your logo says a lot about your company, so it...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Branding Jun 15, 2018
9 Trends & Tips to Improve Your Label & Packaging Design

Label and packaging design is more important than most people think. An impressive packaging design makes your product stand out from other competing brands, attracts prospects and shares details...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Branding Jul 15, 2021
Brand Architecture Strategy and Why Your Business Needs It

If your brand has a plethora of products and services in the market, you might end up confusing your consumer in terms of decision-making. There are several companies today that have acquired other...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Branding Sep 22, 2019
Brand Extension - a Crucial Way of Expanding Brand Potential”

Branding is the name given to the process of giving meaning to certain organizations, companies, products or services by creating and shaping a brand in consumers’ minds. The objective of Branding is...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Branding Feb 25, 2022
Brand Image Building to Reach Brand Recognition

Interics design is a creative agency that offers inventive solutions to business objectives and marketing challenges. Interics is a strategic branding consultancy and multi-disciplinary design agency...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Branding Sep 17, 2018
Brand Intimacy: Creating Emotional Connections with Customers

Creating emotional connections with customers looking to buy your products can make all the difference. Emotions are the driving force that influence most buying decisions. Stirring strong emotions...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Branding May 04, 2022
Branding in the Digital Age

Your consumers are online, why aren’t you? Brands today have to realize the importance of the ever growing and versatile digital age while integrating any communication strategy. Digital devices have...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Branding Oct 03, 2019
Branding Mistakes to Avoid: Common Pitfalls for Businesses

Interics Designs segment is dedicated to providing comprehensive branding solutions to clients in various industries. From brand strategy and identity development to packaging design and product...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Branding May 15, 2023
Branding Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

"Your brand is the set of perceptions people have about your company. But branding is the set of actions you take to cultivate that brand." - Deanna deBara Branding, or brand building, isn’t about...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Branding Jun 21, 2021
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