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3 Tips on How to Improve Your Public Speaking

Public speaking is a requirement of a lot of jobs. If you want to promote up within your company, you may need to be able to talk to a group of people or even an entire room. Don’t worry if your...

Articles > Communications > Communications Jul 23, 2018
Accent Reduction Linked to Professional Success

Accent reduction is often a necessary step on the road to professional success. While accents are sometimes prized for their ability to make an individual stand out as unique, they can also serve as a...

Articles > Business & Careers > Ask an Expert Feb 24, 2016
Becoming a Powerful Public Speaker

Everyone has seen the person – he is the one that easily commands the attention of the audience regardless of the topic. Something about his magnetic personality draws you in when he speaks. He brings...

Articles > Communications > Communications Jun 22, 2015
How a Dialect Coach in Los Angeles Can Help Your Business Grow

Thanks to the internet, the world has become a lot smaller. Instead of focusing on doing business with clients in the same town or even the same state, it is now possible to have customers or business...

Articles > Business & Careers > Business Ideas May 06, 2015
How to Avoid Misunderstandings in the Workplace

Misunderstandings occur more often in the workplace than you might believe. It can be as simple as an employee submitting an incorrect order for supplies because they didn’t hear the right number of...

Articles > Communications > Communications Oct 21, 2015
How to Become an Amazing Public Speaker

Whether you are inspiring your employees, teaching a course for a department or convincing investors to invest in your company, the ability to speak in public is essential to managers and CEOs...

Articles > Business & Careers > Public Relations Sep 11, 2015
How to Create a Welcoming Environment for New Employees

As a business owner or manager, your job is to integrate new staff members into the company. They should feel welcome and learn about the company culture. While remote access has allowed employees to...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Languages Aug 28, 2017
How to Make a Good First Impression with a New Client

You’re ready to leave your office to meet with a new client. You check your appearance to make sure every hair is in place and no wrinkles are on your clothes. You practice confident posture as you...

Articles > Business & Careers > Business Ideas Jun 16, 2016
How to Make Yourself Understood with a Heavy Accent

You submitted a resume for your dream job, and you just got a call back for an interview. You’re preparing for the meeting. You’ve got the perfect business attire, and you’re bringing a second copy of...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Languages Aug 30, 2017
How to Overcome the Fear of Speaking in Public

The sweaty palms, the telltale warmth that creeps along your neck and reaches your cheeks, and the feeling of panic which starts in your stomach and works its way to your chest. These are all symptoms...

Articles > Business & Careers > Ask an Expert Sep 27, 2016
How to Use Humor in Speeches

If you receive feedback on your speeches, you may see comments like "material was too dry" or "material was factual but boring." If you have a serious subject or a technical topic, it can be difficult...

Articles > Business & Careers > Business Tips Sep 28, 2016
Know the Latest Trends in Business Communication

Communication for businesses has changed over the years. It is important to know the latest trends so that you can communicate with clients and customers in the way they prefer. It also allows you to...

Articles > Communications > Communications Oct 22, 2015
Making Your Global Workforce More Effective

One of the major benefits of today’s technologies for businesses is that they are no longer limited to hiring people within a certain radius. They can find the most talented people for the job...

Articles > Business & Careers > Human Resources Sep 14, 2015
Mistakes to Avoid in Business Communications

Communicating with employees, customers and vendors is an essential part of any business. Effective communications can help your business thrive and gain new customers. On the other hand, mistakes...

Articles > Communications > Communications Aug 04, 2015
Removing Barriers with Accent Reduction

If you have never before heard of accent reduction classes, you may squirm at the thought of intentionally trying to eliminate an accent. However, there is much more to accent reduction than just...

Articles > Business & Careers > Ask an Expert Feb 25, 2016
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