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Oregano Restaurants Franchise Opportunity Made Possible by Francorp Middle East

DUBAI, NOVEMBER 16, 2014: The success of Oregano ( in the midst of the burgeoning Dubai food market is simply a testament of its thriving business model and the market...

Joan England Nov 18, 2014
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How to Choose the Best Online Media Monitoring Tools

Social media is quickly becoming a favorite venue for retailers as a means of selling products and services, finding leads, and branding their products and company. You don’t have to be an online...

Robert Smith Nov 07, 2014
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3 Major Social Media Monitoring Tips to Help Improve Your Online Presence

In these modern times, the Social Media has contributed immensely to the success of online businesses by providing them with a platform where they can effectively do their advertisements. Popular...

Robert Smith Sep 13, 2014
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Why Public Relations Measurement Matters

Companies spend a lot of time and money on advertising and public relations. Public relations measurement is essential to businesses so that they will know how well those advertising and public...

Robert Smith Sep 13, 2014
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How to Measure Relationships

Today’s environment introduces a new definition of community. Thanks to the Internet and social media, the boundary of community expands. Physical proximity is not required. In fact, any entity that...

Robert Smith Jul 21, 2014
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Ways to Measure Return on Pr Investments

Business leaders and executive routinely rely on public relations tactics to get their messages or brands out to the general public. As a result, PR and business growth are closely connected. Even...

Robert Smith Jun 21, 2014
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What Are the Characteristics of a Successful Pr Campaign?

First of all your campaign has to have reach. By that we mean that your campaign has to reach the target you want to reach. If your campaign reaches grannies when it wants to target young mothers, it...

Robert Smith Apr 22, 2014
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Public Relations Agencies - the Basics

So, you think you need to hire a public relations agency and you’re probably right. There’s so much that a great public relations contact can do for your company. But you might be wondering what...

Robert Smith Apr 09, 2014
How to Ensure a Flawless Brand Journey to Stay in the Business?

It is the age of the quickest communication, globalisation, and technological advancement. Markets have expanded a great deal blossoming from local businesses to vast international chains. Branding...

Sushant Sharma Oct 06, 2018
How Brand Management Can Help in Enabling Changes in Organizational Goals?

In the current business scenarios, change is a consistent phenomenon and evolutionary. As such, the companies have to plan their strategies ahead in a structured form to remain competitive. The...

Sushant Sharma Oct 06, 2018
Why Every Business Needs Effective Brand Management

Entrepreneurs who operate on a global level have attested that running a flourishing concern mandates building a strong brand at the outset. Organizations who have honed a powerful brand today enjoy...

Sushant Sharma Oct 06, 2018
Why Public Relations Management is Important for Your Business

Many business owners are overworked and often stressed; they spend long hours producing their product or perfecting their services and find little time for relaxation. With the day to day worries of...

Russell Johnson Sep 21, 2018
The Importance of Internships

University students often need to balance their life with work, family, friends and assignments. This can cause university students to overlook the need to get an internship experience. An internship...

Liv Jones Sep 07, 2018
How Maintaining Your Brand Will Boost Your Business

Businesses must adopt various policies to market properly in order to be successful. Branding tools such as social media and the traditional branding strategies are playing a pivotal role in marketing...

Carol Evenson Sep 03, 2018
Fastest Ranking Strategies in SEO

Search engine mainly optimizes the process of improving the visibility of a website on organic ('natural' or un-paid) search engine result pages (SERPs). This is accomplished through implementation of...

2Wenty7 Inc Aug 30, 2018
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