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Alexis Watson

Member since: Sep 11, 2016
Published articles: 49

How Much an Eb5 Immigration Lawye’s Advice is Important for Investing in USA?

United states America not only because of it deep routed entrepreneurial culture, job opportunities and quality education which attracts immigrants from all across the world but a lot of other...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Jun 29, 2017
How to Increase Your Probability of Getting an H1B Visa?

H1B visa is the rightful visa classification that permits foreign nationals to work in United States of America for a limited period of time. Candidates aspiring for working with the top IT companies...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Apr 19, 2017
How to Judge the Services of an Immigration Law Firm?

Immigration related legal advice is always very critical. The immigration law firm which you have hired should be able to take you through the long list of documentation that need to be done from time...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Oct 30, 2016
How to Look for Best H1B Visa Attorney?

H1B is believed to be the entry door for people seeking permanent citizenship in US so it is always advised to reach out an experienced attorney to help you in the process. The process of applying for...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Oct 20, 2016
My Journey Behind Finding the Best Immigration Lawyer in Newyork

The city of New York is one the biggest puller of skilled professionals from across the globe. A larger part of the professional work force who fly to United States target New York as their first...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Dec 22, 2016
Things Might Know for Slect Right O & P Visas for Artists and Entertainers

There are also people with some extra ordinary capabilities and who are into certain professions which doesn’t require the professional degree are the people who qualify for an O & P visa category. O...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Mar 28, 2017
Things One Should Keep in While Filling for B1 Business Visa Extension

So this can be the most confusing case of a business traveler to United States. Filling extension of your visa Status with USCIS though not a complicated process but one needs to follow certain steps...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Apr 03, 2017
Things You Should Look While Choosing an Immigration Lawyer for H1B Visa

H1B is among the most common employment based visa which is best for US Corporations looking to bring foreign talent for their work force. The US department of immigration issues a note every year in...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Feb 02, 2017
Understand the Qualification Process of US Immigration L1 Visa

If you as an employer intend to transfer an employee or few employees from your foreign office to the office based in US, L1 visa is a category which you should look in case of intercompany transfers...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration May 30, 2017
Understanding How to Getting a US Student Immigration Visa

Many students across the world look at United States as destination for higher studies. In fact India is among the top countries in the world from where immigration of students to US is the highest...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Jun 29, 2017
What Factors in Immigration I Should Look if One is Visiting for Business Purposes?

Globally US attracts most of the highest number of business travellers.With range of businesses either looking to invest in United states or sending their executives to sell products to US businesses...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Aug 01, 2017
What Factors One Should Look While Choosing an Immigration Law Firm in Nyc?

US Immigration law is always very complex and there is too much confusion about how the total process works. All rules related to immigration in US are defined under Immigration and Naturalization Act...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Apr 27, 2017
What Factors Which One Should Look at in an Eb5 Immigration Lawyer?

Over the years EB-5 has become one of the most viable routes for entrepreneurs and investors looking for permanent residency in United states. Back in 1990 when the program was first created under the...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Oct 05, 2017
What Should You Look into for Searching a Family Immigration Lawyer?

Before even going forward towards searching for a lawyer who can help you in family immigration one should try typically understand the concept behind it. There are typically many ways complying which...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Oct 03, 2016
Which USA Visa Rules Should a Business Traveler Should Look into?

If you are in any kind of profession or business where you need to travel to United States on a regular basis then there is a separate set of US Immigration law and sets some specific guidelines for...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Jan 31, 2017
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