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Alexis Watson

Member since: Sep 11, 2016
Published articles: 49

Why Immigration Strategies Important for Hiring by US Corporation?

US corporations have been in a hunt to capture to immigrant workforce because of low cost and better talent. In fact core of US economic development revolves around immigrant. Today immigrant...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Jul 01, 2017
How to Judge a Family Immigration Lawyer Better?

Getting an immigration cleared for United Status is actually not an easy task. You always needed a proper legal advice to do it properly. A family immigration lawyer is probably required when you want...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Jan 31, 2017
Key Things an Employer Should Keep in Mind While Sponsoring an Employment Based Visa

It is not just for the employee applying for a visa under the employment category but the things at the quite difficult at the employer’s end also. It is not that easy for an US corporation to hire an...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Apr 19, 2017
Things Students Aspiring for US Education Should Look Into

US education because of it quality attracts a lot of international students to aspire for higher education in US based Universities and business schools. Most of the US based universities have two...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Sep 03, 2017
Understanding the Prerequisites of B1 Visa

Looking at the immigration rules of all countries across the globe, United States seems to follow the most complex one. A country which not only attracts people from business but also academicians...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Jul 01, 2017
Common Confusions in Case of Employment Based Visa for USA

Getting an employment based visa for USA is always more confusing compared to getting visa for other requirements. The scenario can change completely depending upon the type of employment like...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Mar 30, 2017
Does a 10 Year B1 Business Visa Means One Can Stay in USA for That Period?

This might look like a, but obvious question but the answer to this is actually no. To understand matter better one need to first understand the meaning of B1 visa and what is the importance of the...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Apr 03, 2017
How Can Corporate Can Leverage on International Workforce Trough L1 Visa?

In today’s world your workforce is not limited to a particular geography. You being an US corporation looking at Indian talent to work with your team can possibly do it anytime. You can deport any of...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Feb 01, 2017
How I Found My Friendly Immigration Lawyer in New York?

New York is a city of dreams calling professionals not only from technology space but also from other sectors to being part of the great American dream. Inviting many startup entrepreneurs to kick off...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Oct 03, 2016
How Immigration Law Attorney Services New York Have Evolved?

With changing dynamics how other services have changed and gone digital the same rule applies to Legal services to. The changing dynamics in more vibrant in case of immigration law services.US...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Apr 14, 2017
L1 US Immigration Visa is an Excellent Way for Small Businesses

A L1 US Immigration visa is an excellent way for small businesses to establish operations in United States without making any huge investment or getting into the hassle of applying for visa under EB-5...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Oct 05, 2017
Six Things to Look into for Finding an Immigration Lawyer in New York

New york being the hub for fashion,technology and advertising industry makes it the one of the most accepted cities in US attracting the highest number of immigrant population.While the US Congress...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Apr 27, 2017
Some Important Thing to Employment Based Visa for Work in USA

America and the big American dream have always attracted talented work force from across the globe to work for American Institutions. Looking at the data, US companies started by Immigrant population...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Sep 20, 2016
Things You Look in an Immigration Lawyer if You Are Planning to Study in USA

A lot of students from different countries travel to United States for studying in US based university and schools. US government also makes specific provision for immigrant student visiting their...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Feb 01, 2017
Understanding Where B1 Business Visa Becomes Inapplicable

United States as a country has the most complex immigration regulation in place compared with other country in the world and that is because of one big reason in terms of immigrants the country...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Oct 03, 2017
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