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Lisa Jeeves

United Kingdom

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3 Compelling Reasons to Invest in Annual Holiday Insurance

In this modern age of jet planes and bullet trains, overseas travel has shifted from being a laborious enterprise undertaken only under extreme necessity, to being one of life’s principal pleasures...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Travel Tips Sep 18, 2014
3 Compelling Reasons to Use a Freight Exchange

On one hand, if you are a small or middle-sized business looking for a reliable partner to ship your goods, what you want is the absolute assurance that your interests are in good hands. On the other...

Articles > Automotive > Trucks May 14, 2015
3 Compelling Reasons to Use Paid Web Hosting for Your Delivery Service

Using a website as a marketing tool to find customers for your delivery service depends on the first few crucial decisions you make. Firstly, you should join an online exchange, to ensure your...

Articles > Business & Careers > Business Ideas Mar 25, 2014
3 Crucial Things to Get Insured when Travelling

Travel insurance is one of those things that you need to have but hope to never have to depend on. As much as it is reassuring to know you are going to be covered if you injure yourself while on a ski...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Travel Tips Oct 17, 2014
3 Effective Ways Haulage Companies Can Use Social Media

Without a doubt, like any other business, haulage companies depend on establishing relationships—with the local community, with past and present clients, and with other suppliers and potential...

Articles > Business & Careers > Business Ideas May 23, 2014
3 Effective Ways to Enjoy the Caribbean on a Budget

A tropical vacation does not have to be prohibitively expensive, even if you choose to stay at one of the fabulous boutique Caribbean hotels. It is often a matter of making small, informed decisions...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Destinations Jul 22, 2014
3 Effectively ‘Viral’ Ways to Get More Self Employed Courier Jobs

For those who are just starting to take on self employed courier jobs, it’s an uphill battle to obtain critical mass as far as customers are concerned. You need to instigate certain clever marketing...

Articles > Business & Careers > Business Ideas May 28, 2014
3 Essential Skills for Delivery Drivers to Have

Starting any new job is challenging, but delivery drivers soon settle into the pattern of working that is provided for them. But even if you have been working as a courier for some time, there are...

Articles > Business & Careers > Customer Service Nov 16, 2013
3 Essentials Skills That Make You a Better Courier Driver

There are many good reasons to strive to improve your skills - some are personal, some are professional. No matter what your area of work, there is a push, from within and from those around you, to...

Articles > Business & Careers > Transportation Apr 20, 2015
3 Excellent Reasons to Get Travel Insurance Online

When you look for travel insurance, compare all the policies available online. It is by far the easiest way to get the cover you need, particularly in today's modern world. We have three reasons why...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Mar 19, 2014
3 Exciting Coastal Destinations in Spain

Spain is a popular summer holiday destination for visitors from the world over, and for good reason. The beaches are pristine, the weather is wonderful, and the locals are friendly. What’s more, the...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Destinations Jul 16, 2015
3 Exciting Destinations for a Family Winter Adventure Holiday

Wondering where to take the family during this year’s Easter break? Sometimes an adventure holiday is just what a family needs to re-energize them for tackling the rest of the upcoming school or work...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Destinations Jan 23, 2017
3 Experiences in Italy Not to Miss

For visitors to Italy, the history, colour, people, cultural diversity, and cuisine all tempt in equal measures. But it's the sort of destination that, in truth, no amount of time could do justice...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Exotic Locations Feb 25, 2015
3 Factors to Bear in Mind when Buying Travel Insurance

There is a lot to do when you go through the process of buying travel insurance – compare all the deals, look for the cheapest prices and also look for the most appropriate policy you can find...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Mar 19, 2014
3 Fascinating Museums to Visit in Prague

When you hop into your Prague shuttle service to transfer from the airport to your accommodation, you should pay attention to what's just outside your window on the way there. You might just spot some...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Destinations Dec 17, 2014
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