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Hitesh Makwana

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Air Bag System in the Kia Cars

During an accident, the air bag system in the vehicle can minimize the harm done to the driver and other passengers. In a Kia car, the air bag system includes Driver’s front air bag, Passenger’s front...

Articles > Automotive > Cars Jan 20, 2014
Air Compressors - Helpful Attachments for Air Compressors

Let's say you finally go to the store and invest in an air compressor. You've heard how great air compressors are and how helpful for home improvement they are, and you have decided that, with all the...

Articles > Automotive > Cars Dec 26, 2013
America the Beautiful Exploring the Roads (and Trails) Less Traveled

For fans of off-roading, there are two considerations when taking to the dirt and rocks of off-road driving: safety and ecology. Safety starts with having the right equipment-a Vehicle that's designed...

Articles > Automotive > Cars Dec 26, 2013
An Ideal Car Code Reader for Kia Cars

The Kia vehicles today comprise of a lot of electrical systems within the vehicle and if any of them malfunctions it leaves them baffled to find the right solution for. In fact, many of them are not...

Articles > Automotive > Cars Jan 20, 2014
Artists Biographies on Film Top Movies About Visual Artists

Visual artists biographies is a popular theme in the movie world. Moviemakers have always been fascinated by visual artists biographies, especially if it includes struggle with insanity, drug...

Articles > Automotive > Cars Dec 26, 2013
Atv Accessories to Make That Next Ride Unforgettable

There are two aspects of ATVing that can really make your next ride an incredible adventure as opposed to just average. Better performance is the first and comfort is the second. To better aid you in...

Articles > Automotive > Cars Dec 26, 2013
Auto Auctions Quality Ride for Cheap

You've probably either seen people advertising them or you may have even looked into buying cars through auto auctions. But my bet is that is about as far as you have gotten. I only say that because...

Articles > Automotive > Cars Dec 26, 2013
Auto Detailing Making Your Old Car New Again

The wear and tear of seemingly ordinary, day to day driving can take its toll on even the most cautious of drivers. Nicks, scratches, dents, chips, and the like, can etch the surface of your car like...

Articles > Automotive > Cars Dec 26, 2013
Auto Financing Scams

Car dealers are often portrayed as predators just waiting for an unsuspecting customer to come along. This is because many people believe that they are always on the prowl for unsuspecting buyers that...

Articles > Automotive > Cars Dec 26, 2013
Beat a Speeding Ticket

One thing that no person wants to face is the prospect of receiving a speeding ticket. It's costly and if you're looking up at a police officer who has stopped you in traffic to write you a citation...

Articles > Automotive > Cars Jan 06, 2014
Best Overall Radar Detector

Escort Passport 8500 X50 provides an impressive array of detection technology, which allows you to customize its operation to compliment your driving style and personal taste.This gadget is fitted...

Articles > Automotive > Cars Jan 04, 2014
Beware of Hurricane Damaged Vehicles

Nearly a half million cars were destroyed by two of this past season’s biggest hurricanes, Katrina and Rita. Some of these cars may not have received much apparent damage but they were totaled...

Articles > Automotive > Cars Jan 04, 2014
Bike Trailer | Car Hauler | Dump Trailers | Tandem Axle Trailer | Utility Trailer

Trailers are of significance and are used for many purposes. They are widely used to lift heavy equipments including machinery, bikes, cars and tractors. Before buying trailers, the first thing to...

Articles > Automotive > Cars Jan 04, 2014
Biodiesel and It's Many Uses

With gas prices increasing and growing environmental awareness, the need to consider alternate energy and fuel sources are becoming a necessity. One alternative is the use of Biodiesel fuel, which is...

Articles > Automotive > Cars Jan 04, 2014
Bmw on Pace to Outsell Mercedes

It is a close race, one that likely will not result in deep price cutting to move models, but is certain nevertheless to be on the minds of executives employed by two automakers until the clock...

Articles > Automotive > Cars Jan 04, 2014
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