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Now Special Things About Gurudwara Holy Temple by Gurdwara Job

A Gurudwara is the holy temple of the Sikhs. But unlike Hindu temples or wats and Christian churches a Gurudwara doesn't have image of any expert or saint. There will also be no statues or symbols...

Ramk Kumar Nov 13, 2015
The Secrets of the Universe

We all know that evolution and the big bang in the universe are the processes through which all of us exist. Over the years, scientists have often searched an answer for the inevitable question of...

Pen Wro Apr 06, 2015
Tips for Spying on a Cheating Partner

Do you presume that your spouse, girlfriend, sweetheart, or partner is cheating on you? You might be interested in getting proof if you do. In spite of the truth that you do have a number of different...

Marky Tyrell Dec 13, 2014
At Balenciaga, Something Old and Something New

On Wednesday, as the light faded over the Seine and the Eiffel Tower began its evening twinkle and those in the audience who had other, more personal places to be for Rosh Hashana began to shift in...

Kate Smith Sep 28, 2014
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