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Covid-19- Trademark Registration Fees Reduced by Ministry of Economy

In the wake of severe impact of coronavirus on many businesses in the country, the government issuing several relaxations in fees and fines paid by the companies to ensure smooth flow of business.In...

Hassan Elhais Dec 31, 1969
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When Do I Have to Appoint Property Lawyer in Dubai?

The potential risk involved with giving you approval on legal assessment which gives you as an investor chance to decide to go with this deal or to go to another one.It is unfortunate that sometimes...

Hassan Elhais Dec 31, 1969
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Business Law Article About Intellectual Property

Dubai's court of cassation defines intellectual property as, "it is every invented property whether it was literature, vocal, or as regardless of its nature, purpose or importance". From this...

Hassan Elhais Dec 31, 1969
Key Considerations for Hiring the Intellectual Property Lawyer

Intellectual property(IP) is a complex case due to a number of reasons, and if you are struggling with one then it is mandatory to have a skilled and knowledgeable intellectual property lawyer in...

Saw Law Group Llp Dec 31, 1969
Msme Smadhaan is Here to Your Rescue if You Are Facing Problems of Delayed Payment

Are you a MSME who has been providing goods or services to clients who won't pay on time?Don't worry, you are among a vast majority of MSMEs who are facing similar problems in India currently. The...

Udyog Aadhar Dec 31, 1969
Need for an Expert Property Lawyer

These days there is a prevailing notion that the property deeds and related cases are quite standardised and they can be handled with the help of a property dealer or an agent. But it is important to...

Ricky Chopra Dec 31, 1969
How to Setup a Domestic Call Center in India?

Have you ever wondered about starting a domestic call center, but couldn’t? Were you worried about the legal requirements, the process of BPO registration in India? Were you not able to get the right...

Vicky Kumar Dec 31, 1969
Family Law & Protection of Assets in Uae

Marriage, Love, Cohabitation, Break-up, separation, divorce, and division of assets, etc are the realities of life that everyone comes across some way or other way, directly or indirectly. Civilized...

Ibrahim Khouri Dec 31, 1969
Your Data Can Be a Business for Someone, Her’s How Can Legally Protect It from Getting Misused

Well, as we all know that things are getting way more advance every passing day like there was a time when people were just only restricted towards the hand handling document buy then thanks to the...

Joshua Swigart Dec 31, 1969
Key Advantages of Hiring a Property Lawyers While Buying a House

Buying a home in Melbourne is indeed a tough job. But it can be as simple as dreaming of the home. How? Consulting the best property lawyers in Melbourne. If you hire the be

Provey Australia Dec 31, 1969
Why a Good Conveyancing Lawyer is Required for Your Property?

When you purchase a property having a trusted and experienced conveyancing lawyer on Gold Coast on your side can save you money as well as inconvenience. There is a large amount of pape

Qclaw Gold Coast Dec 31, 1969
How to Settle Rental Overdue in Dubai?

If planning to live in a place like Dubai, UAE, renting a place to settle in would be the best choice, especially with a wide range of lifestyle options. Ranging from apartments to the best modern...

Ibrahim Khouri Dec 31, 1969
Property Lawyers Melbourne – Which Things to Practice Before Hiring Them?

When it comes to hiring one of the best Property lawyers Melbourne, reading the following facts is helpful.So explore them now!Recognize Your Objective The

Alice Wilson Dec 31, 1969
Intellectual Property ( Ip ) Registration Services in Dubai

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ( IP ) REGISTRATIONIntellectual Property(IP) is the result of one's intellect which is to be registered and protected from all external malpractices through the exercise of...

Fran Gulf Dec 31, 1969
When Should You Hire Property and Real Estate Lawyers in Uae?

Property disputes are cases where landlords need to hire a lawyer to manage the issues. If you are a landlord, you must be having a lawyer as a backup to handle routine questions and problems in...

Hassan Elhais Dec 31, 1969
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