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Poopie Suits Announces Release of 1St Audio Book

Utilizing Audible’s Whispersync for Kindle Technology. Narrated by a Navy veteran who brings authenticity to the story through his own former submarine experiences.Nashua, NH - USA | December 17, 2021...

Flash News Release Dec 19, 2021
A Review of the Book ‘Who Moved My Cheese’

This book ‘Who Moved My Cheesewas a bestseller back in the day and it as a good enough reason for it. This amazing book will teach you a lot. It is not a lengthy book; it is

Tara King Oct 25, 2021
Renowned Author George Rapitis Releases Tribute to George Michael

George Rapitis Introduces His Fourteenth Book "George Michael: The Singing Greek (A Tribute)"Detroit, MI - USA | October 14, 2021 -- He’s a Doctor of Holistic Medicine and one of the most accomplished...

Flash News Release Oct 15, 2021
From Wwii to the War on Terror - True Stories from Men Who Were There

26 unique perspectives that will take you deep into the ethos of the US Submarine Force.Nashua, NH - USA | August 24, 2021 -- The Silent Service Remembers (Vol. 2) is our fifth effort in the...

Flash News Release Aug 25, 2021
Shivi & Satty: and the Rudra Sena

About the book: Sant Haridas left on his motorbike, along with his students, in the search of ‘spring of life’. His way to Maansarovar is filled with adventures and with a new friend, whom he knows he...

Rahul Jaiswal Aug 23, 2021
Importance of General Knowledge in Student's Life

General knowledge is essential for success and growth. It doesn't matter what you do in your life. The key to success is to continue learning and acquiring more knowledge in other fields. To excel in...

Manish Acharya Jun 25, 2021
Game of Discovery and Conquest

Playing 2 player games is a great way to unwind and enjoy your free time. This is one of the most prominent game listings on search engines. Why do gamers enjoy two-player games so much? New 2 player...

Talley Chan Jun 20, 2021
Differences Between Rare Books and Old Books

When you are about to purchase rare books for the collection, you will notice that there are some great options available for considering as of now. This is where you will come across the need to...

Linda Seers May 18, 2021
4 Types of Art Galleries and How They Operate

When you take a look at the art galleries, you will notice that there are many different types of them available for exploring. As a person who loves art, it is worthy to take a look at those...

Linda Seers Apr 28, 2021
Seahorse Rides Again in 5Th Edition of Poopie Suits & Cowboy Boots

A Unique Look Into the Everyday Life Aboard a Nuclear Submarine.Nashua, NH - USA | April 19, 2021 -- Poopie Suits and Cowboy Boots, now in its fifth edition since 2017, has earned a popular place in...

Flash News Release Apr 19, 2021
4 Legendary Poets to Emulate

There are some poets that will never be forgotten – at least not for another several millennia. Becoming one of these poets is a great possibility for you, too, if you are passionate about poetry. A...

Patricia C Hernandez Mar 31, 2021
“It is Perfectly Okay to Write Garbage, As Long As You Edit Brilliantly”

"It is perfectly okay to write garbage, as long as you edit brilliantly" is a quote by C.J Cherryh. She has won four Hugo awards and is an acclaimed author in the genre of science fiction and fantasy...

Shashi Shekhar Mar 20, 2021
A Level Tuition London

a level tuition londonPrivate Schools can offer an elevated environment of learning for some students. Other schools offer a specialty focus that may be worth paying extra for. It is important to...

Robin Raze Feb 21, 2021
Upcoming February New Book Releases 2021 & March New Book Releases 2021

Reading about something you enjoy or losing yourself in a good novel is an excellent way to relax. It can ease tension in your muscles and heart while letting your brain wander to new ideas and live...

Nazleen Noor Jan 19, 2021
The Video Streaming Protocols and the Way It Works: Some Important Factors You Need to Know.

A video streaming protocol is an interactive media delivery process that breaks up video files into segments, sends them to end-users, and reconstructs them at their destination. In today's rapidly...

Lavio Ott Jan 15, 2021
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