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What You Need to Know About Public Procurement for Terminals and Ports in the Uae?

Public procurement in the UAE is regulated under Cabinet Decision No. 4 of 2019 (UAE Procurement Law). The UAE Procurement Law applies to procurement, supply contracts, works and providing services...

Hassan Elhais Aug 07, 2022
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How Can You Take Benefit from Divorce Mediation in San Diego?

'A Healthy Divorce' intervention center has clearing status and experience to help couples pick the nuances of their separation intercession in their private practice. It is an extensive method for...

Jack Brant Mar 18, 2022
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LA Norma Juridica

Una norma jurídica es un mandato o regla el cual tiene el objetivo de dirigir las directrices y comportamiento de la sociedad.Concretamente, una norma jurídica da unos derechos e impone obligaciones a...

Chris Velez Jun 07, 2021
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How Wills and Living Trusts Are a Gift of Ensuring Your Business?

Lawyers are relied upon to research and make reference to their customers all reasonable approaches to manage total customer destinations. Every little or tremendous business around there is an...

Jack Brant Apr 06, 2021
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What a Reliable Service of Living Trust Attorney in San Marcos?

Numerous associations utilize lawful guides once they start their business. It is vital for the structure you get everything precisely from the beginning of the business. Nonetheless, after you can't...

Jack Brant Apr 03, 2021
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Ede Producir Facturas Bajo

El VIES es un Sistema de Intercambio de Información sobre el Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido es un motor de busca para saber si una compañía o bien profesional tiene un NIF-IVA Impuesto s

Chris Velez Mar 25, 2021
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El Vies Es Un Sistema De Intercambio De Informaci

El VIES es un Sistema de Intercambio de Información sobre el Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido es un motor de busca para saber si una compañía o bien profesional tiene un NIF-IVA Impuesto s

Chris Velez Mar 24, 2021
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The Law Protecting Consumers in Uae

The availability of the web is expanding quickly these days, permitting the decision of a huge number of online international consumer agreements. Most national enactments took care of customer...

Hassan Elhais May 20, 2020
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Insider Trading: Legal or Illegal?

An act will be called insider trading if such information is provided to a third party who benefits from his investment activities post receiving such information. It is a term used commonly in the...

Hassan Elhais Mar 17, 2020
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Due Diligence: Importance in Acquisition

We can list numerous corporations who rushed into professional marriages without performing legal due diligence or reviewing the corporate structure and relevant documents of the company. An...

Hassan Elhais Mar 17, 2020
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Legal Consultants in Dubai: Discussing Legality of Verbal Contracts

Technically, in this part and other parts of the world, verbal contracts are binding and enforceable. As any contract requires an offer, acceptance and consideration and does not necessarily requires...

Hassan Elhais Mar 04, 2020
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Interesting Facts About Contracts Law in Uae

From past several decades and in almost all countries, contracts entail an implied guarantee of good faith and fair practices. Although, UAE is a civil law jurisdiction along with implication of...

Hassan Elhais Jan 27, 2020
Section 206C of the Income Tax Act, 1961

IntroductionA new TCS section 206C (1H) was added to Finance Bill 2020. The updated section specifies that if a seller sells goods and the total sales value exceeds INR 50,00,000 (the threshold...

Ishita Ramani Nov 27, 2023
Legal Metrology Registration & Lmpc Certificate Consultant

LMPC Certificate|Legal Metrology Registration LMPC certificate stands for Legal Metrology packaged commodities is mandatory for every business that deals in manufacturing, selling, distributing...

Asc Group Oct 25, 2023
Powering the Future: Innovations and Advancements in California's Solar Industry

In an era defined by the urgent need for sustainable and clean energy sources, solar power stands out as a beacon of hope. Among the states leading the charge towards a renewable energy future...

Vert Pro Sep 19, 2023
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