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Use Motorola Two Way Radios for Better Communication at Workplace

Retail outlets, construction sites, security team at crowded places, and event management, are a few professions where personnel require swift communication system all the time. Even in this age of...

David Martin Aug 31, 2015
How to Install Slimline Gauge in Homebuilt Aircraft Panel

While the following installation guide is specifically written for the slimline series of gauges manufactured by California based J.P. Instruments, this installation guide can also be used as a...

J P Instruments May 28, 2015
How Does a Walkie Talkie Work?

What is a walkie talkie? A walkie talkie is a hand held, portable radio communication device that can be used to connect between a transmitter and one or more receivers. They are battery powered and...

Papia Fernandas Nov 30, 2014
Ultra Range Walkie Talkies and Their Advantages

All of us know the term walkie talkie. We have either used them, or seen people walking around talking into this radio device. These devices were developed around 1937 and were mainly used in the...

Papia Fernandas Nov 27, 2014
What Makes Motorola Clp 1040 an Ideal Communication Solution for Retail?

Motorola CLP 1040, as a two-way radio for retail business, is a modern feature design created specifically for retail business, restaurants or hospitals. The gadget is small in size and can be used to...

Teena Ford Apr 15, 2014
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