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Classification of beards by type and name

Author: Jessica Carter
by Jessica Carter
Posted: Oct 06, 2018
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Asymmetrical Beard - the look and style of the beard, which is not symmetrical in the vertical face, for example, one side is clean-shaven, the other is completely bearded. Or vice versa)

Most often used by television heroes, in fantasy stories, for shocking. It is really difficult to meet a person with this style of beard.

Balcarrotas - whiskers. Whiskers without other hair on the face. Not a beard of course, but there is something in it.

Ball-Buffer is the slang name of a beard in the USA.

Beard - hair growing on the face. Beard in the classical sense. All kinds of beards, in general.

Brett - this beard style means that the hair is covered with a chin, but the approach to the whiskers is free.

Burnsides - hard, wide tanks, connected with a mustache, but with a clean-shaven chin. This style of beard was named after the Ambrose Everett Burnside of the American inventor, soldier, industrialist and politician.

Bushranger Beard - (a broad beard, a beard of a forest inhabitant) is a broad, full and long beard with mustaches and pots. Such a beard is the result of unhindered hair growth. This style is most often worn by bikers. The name of this type of beard was obtained from a criminal from Australia, nicknamed Bushranger. The real name of the villain is Ned Kelly.

Captain Jack is one of the new beard names in the form of a long goatee, which is longer than the mustache. The ends of a beard in this style are braided as if in pigtails. Such a beard we all can observe in Johnny Depp as the character of Jack Sparrow.

Chinstrap - a thinly shaved strip along the chin all over the face contour.

Chinstrap - appeared in the late 18th century in Europe, later fashion was picked up in Japan and Russia. This kind of beard is often found now and is one of the most popular.

Chin Beard - a traditional "goatee beard" - a bunch of hair on the chin, possibly connected with a mustache. As well as Chinstrap is very popular today.

Chin Curtain - this type of beard can be seen in Abraham Lincoln. Hair only on the lower part of the face, under the chin.

Chopper - this is a long, steep mustache. When wearing the "helicopter" style, the rest of the face should be clean-shaven.

Dalí - this name speaks for itself. Long mustaches are often twisted up with wax. This species is named in honor of the great artist Salvador Dali, who introduced the popularity of such mustaches.

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