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Jessica Carter

United States

Member since: Jul 18, 2016
Total live articles: 40

4 Beauty Uses for Lemon Juice

Stock on lemons and add the juice to your beauty routine! 1. Hair Lightening Product Get ready for the fall season with the trendy, post-summer, sun-kissed locks! Hair highlights have been "in" for...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Aug 30, 2016
4 Complete Personality Turn-Offs: a Guide for Guys

Believe it or not, but a hot body and a pretty face are not exactly enough to make you attractive and desirable to other people. Here are 4 personality traits, which are a complete turn-off! 1...

Articles > Family > Teenagers Aug 16, 2016
4 Elements of Personal Grooming Men Tend to Forget About

Unfortunately, many men tend to think their grooming routine should be limited by getting barbering services and washing their face once a day. We are here to ensure you this is not true. Here are 4...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Dental Care Aug 25, 2016
4 Reasons You Are Aging Not As Gracefully As You’Ve Expected

Looking slightly worse than you expected even though you are still 30+? Che?k out the possible causes! 1. Smoking And Drinking (Not To Mention Drugs) If most of guys of your age look way better than...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Anti Aging Aug 31, 2016
5 Best Tips to Make Your Hair Healthier

Have you noticed that you start to lose too much hair or it looks too weak and damaged? It is time to take radical steps and change your hair routine for better. There is no longer need to suffer from...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Jan 10, 2017
5 Reasons to Watch from Dusk Till Dawn: the Series

Amazing characters and gifted actors, a beautiful picture, and well-done SFX, as well as the killer fashion and fabulous hairstyles from the best barber shops in New York City. There are a lot of...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Television Aug 11, 2016
A Q&a Session with Your Barber

For many guys, the need to pay attention to their hair treatment sounds strange. At the same time, every person likes to hear pleasant compliments about the gorgeous looking hair or new stylish...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Nov 07, 2016
Benefits of Wearing a Short Haircut

In spite of the fact that during last few years long and medium hairstyles take leading positions in the world of fashion, the majority of guys still prefer to wear short and neat cuts. Why does it...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Aug 10, 2018
Dealing with Patchy Beard

Do you feel sick and tired of trying to find a proper way to make your beard look handsome and attractive? Well, we can help you to find the way out and get rid of those horrible patches on your face...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Aug 09, 2018
Do You Really Know How to Type?

Typing speed among the population who are familiar with the keyboard has naturally increased throughout the decade for obvious reasons. However, most of us are typing improperly, and it affects both...

Articles > Computers > Computer Tips Feb 17, 2017
Efficient Twenties for Carefree Sixties

Good barbershops in NYC are famous for the interesting craftsmen in there, who tell adorable stories and have a huge life experience. Once I was struggling with my job and constantly frustrating about...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Men's Health Nov 03, 2016
Everything You Should Know About Hair Products

1. Labels are important to read Many guys make a mistake of ignoring labels, thus putting their hair at risk. Not all hair products are created equal and some are worse than the others. You can save...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Dec 29, 2016
Find Your Way to Healthy Hair

Modern market of hair care industry offers you thousands of different shampoos, conditioners, masks, and sprays which promise to create a miracle with your hair in short time. You can get the perfect...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Dec 20, 2016
Five Reasons Behind Your Damaged Hair

Struggling with dry, dull, and brittle hair but don’t know why? The answer can be much simpler than you’ve ever thought! 1. Hairspray Styling products, especially those, which become crispy on top of...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Oct 19, 2016
Five Reasons Why Your Hairstyle Looks Horrible

Alas, the desired perfect hairstyle is not exactly easy to achieve, especially if you don't know what you are doing. In this article, we present you four reasons why your mane tends to look horrible...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Sep 06, 2016
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