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Jessica Carter

United States

Member since: Jul 18, 2016
Published articles: 45

How to Take Care of Your Shoes

Shoes will inevitably become dirty, whether you use public transport or have a car, whether it’s constantly raining or not. Cleaning your shoes is a way to maintain them and contribute to the price...

Articles > Home & Garden > Cleaning Mar 15, 2017
Localization Vs. Haircut Trend

Have you ever wondered about how your region affects the haircut trend in your local area? It is not an obvious fact due to the aftermaths of the global society, but we can still see a difference...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Oct 18, 2016
Quick Ways to Fade Your Hair Color at Home

It does not matter whether you decided to color your hair at home or one of the organic hair salons in NYC, sometimes the result can be underwhelming. Here are three quick ways to fade your hair color...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Aug 26, 2016
Reading As a Habit

Reading is not a habitual thing for most people. It doesn’t mean you don’t read at all but means you don’t do it on a regular basis (depending only on your preferences). The perks of reading are...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Literature Feb 15, 2017
Self-Education in a Nutshell

Learning is a process which never stops throughout our lives. The biggest part of our knowledge is obtained by ourselves. When we appeal to a person, who teaches himself or herself a particular...

Articles > Reference & Education > Teaching Jan 13, 2017
Ways to Remove Stains from Teeth

Believe it or not, but most foods and drinks can significantly stain your teeth. Unfortunately, some discolorations are more stubborn and require more effort to get rid of than others. Here are...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Dental Care Aug 23, 2016
When Doubting to Make a Decision

The decision-making process is often slowed down or stopped by doubts about the responsibilities and risks, which feels really overwhelming. Fortunately, the decision-making skill can be improved by...

Articles > Business & Careers > Business Tips Feb 21, 2017
Why New York Residents Should Visit a Barbershop

New York is famous for reasonably respectful barbering services. Even tourists often consider visiting NYC barbershops, but what about the citizens? Not all the male residents of NYC focus much on the...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Oct 06, 2016
Find Your Way to Healthy Hair

Modern market of hair care industry offers you thousands of different shampoos, conditioners, masks, and sprays which promise to create a miracle with your hair in short time. You can get the perfect...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Dec 20, 2016
The Tandem of Face and Beard

Beard is always trendy. However, not every man can grow a beard. Furthermore, not everyone is growing the right beard shape to build a decent image. If you have ever had a bad beard growing...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Oct 10, 2016
4 Beauty Uses for Lemon Juice

Stock on lemons and add the juice to your beauty routine! 1. Hair Lightening Product Get ready for the fall season with the trendy, post-summer, sun-kissed locks! Hair highlights have been "in" for...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Aug 30, 2016
4 Reasons You Are Aging Not As Gracefully As You’Ve Expected

Looking slightly worse than you expected even though you are still 30+? Che?k out the possible causes! 1. Smoking And Drinking (Not To Mention Drugs) If most of guys of your age look way better than...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Anti Aging Aug 31, 2016
5 Best Tips to Make Your Hair Healthier

Have you noticed that you start to lose too much hair or it looks too weak and damaged? It is time to take radical steps and change your hair routine for better. There is no longer need to suffer from...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Jan 10, 2017
Benefits of Wearing a Short Haircut

In spite of the fact that during last few years long and medium hairstyles take leading positions in the world of fashion, the majority of guys still prefer to wear short and neat cuts. Why does it...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Aug 10, 2018
Dealing with Patchy Beard

Do you feel sick and tired of trying to find a proper way to make your beard look handsome and attractive? Well, we can help you to find the way out and get rid of those horrible patches on your face...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Aug 09, 2018
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Hey! I’m Jessica Carter. Last year I finished Ual (University of Art London) with a specialization in Fashion Journalism. Now I live in Nyc and practice skills received there. I try writing about fashion trends for different magazines and websites.