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Jessica Carter

United States

Member since: Jul 18, 2016
Published articles: 45

Five Reasons Why Your Hairstyle Looks Horrible

Alas, the desired perfect hairstyle is not exactly easy to achieve, especially if you don't know what you are doing. In this article, we present you four reasons why your mane tends to look horrible...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Sep 06, 2016
Five Tips on How to Protect Hair in Winter

Winter hair care is an integral part of a grooming routine of every man. It’s hard to preserve hair health without proper protection and nutrition during crisper months of the year. Barbers at West...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Nov 23, 2016
Four Multifunctional Makeup Products

Most women and even some men are not strangers to makeup. Some have more skills and knowledge how to use it properly than others, though. It does not matter, however, how proficient you are with your...

Articles > Beauty > Cosmetics Oct 03, 2016
Growing a Beard is Easy!

Beards are still trendy, and we can’t really say whether they are even going to leave the trend or not. New York citizens always keep the pace with the fashion and it is never too late to grow a...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Sep 23, 2016
How to Be Better-Looking Instantly

We all want to be perceived as attractive or decent looking at the minimum. Unfortunately, our wishes and monthly barbering services only are not enough. Here are four tips, which will help you to...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Women's Health Nov 23, 2016
How to Take Care of Your Hair in Winter

Autumn is a golden period when you thank your stars for putting an end to all sun damage caused in summer. If you think that now you can relax and forget about hair care, you are totally wrong...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Nov 09, 2016
Impress the People You Meet Positively

The first impression is the key to a positive response from people. No matter what situation you are in or what the purpose of meeting new people is, it is essential to skip negative prejudice by...

Articles > Relationships > Dating Nov 11, 2016
No Barriers Exist when You Will to Travel

You have finally decided to travel somewhere, but you still have no decent thought about the destination and have no certain plan. The thing is that having an actual opportunity to travel is a good...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Travel Tips Dec 16, 2016
The Best Men's Hairstyles for the Summer of 2018

The best British hairdressers have chosen six mind-blowing hairstyles - from buzzcut to curls. Now you just need to wait for the right weather.Choppy cropWhy does this work? The #1 of the Best Male...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Sep 27, 2018
Top 3 Men Hairstyles to Steal from Celebrities

Our Hollywood stars give us a lot of wonderful examples of perfect style and ideal elegance. The fashionable hairstyle is one more thing to steal from celebrities to look incredible during these...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Dec 14, 2016
Top 5 Common Shaving Mistakes Every Man Commits

You have been shaving several times a week (or a month) since you were fifteen years old. Now you are a grown-up, confident man, which has a lot of life experience behind. Unfortunately, the process...

Articles > Beauty > Skin Care Dec 23, 2016
Wash Your Beard: How and What to Wash Your Beard Correctly?

Washing your beard is just as simple as washing your head with just a slight difference, it’s the hair on your face. The main issues and nuances in washing your beard are as follows:Frequency. Even if...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Sep 28, 2018
Ways to Treat Neuralgia

Unfortunately, pain is a concurrent part of our lives, which often can not be avoided. Neuralgia is a severe burning or stabbing pain occurring because of the problems in the nervous system. Even...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Alternative Medicine Nov 23, 2016
What to Wear on a Casual Date: a Guide for Guys

Whether it is a casual outing for a movie or pizza or a first date, you probably don’t want to look too dressed up. However, going for severely underdressed is also not the best choice. Remember...

Articles > Relationships > Dating Sep 27, 2016
Your Guide to Determining Your Body Type

To dress not only properly, but also in flattering clothing you need to know what body shape you are working with. Fortunately for you, you don't have to ponder this question anymore, because we...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Nov 23, 2016
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Hey! I’m Jessica Carter. Last year I finished Ual (University of Art London) with a specialization in Fashion Journalism. Now I live in Nyc and practice skills received there. I try writing about fashion trends for different magazines and websites.