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Integrating deep links in your app can really boost the app engagement

Author: Hemendra Singh
by Hemendra Singh
Posted: Jul 31, 2019
deep linking

Don’t you have a genuine idea to deep linking till date? It’s right time you think about it. Discoverability is the most significant code to break. It is when you are contending with millions of applications in the application stores.

To get your application before the correct clients remain the way forward. It is ideal for charging your client procurement endeavors and also expanding commitment. Deep linking can likewise be the greatest wellspring of fruitful re-commitment with clients. It can bring back those who did disregard your application.

What is the meaning of deep linking how can it possibly be helpful?

Severalapp development companies contribute a considerable amount of diligent work and cash. They give it their all into building up an extraordinary application.

However, do little to elevate the app to the correct group of onlookers. Application store improvement helps once clients intentionally go into the application store searching for apps.

More often than not, however, clients Google the things they need. They invest energy hanging out via social networking media.

Deep linking can enable you to show your in-application content in query item pages. They can also appear on Facebook, Twitter, and other internet-based life. Let’s assume, the client Googles 'Best running shoes'.

Hence, the best matches of shoes from your application can appear in index lists. Tapping on it will take the client to explicitly that shoe in your app. Naturally, it will only happen once the client installs the app.

If not, the client will get the redirection to the application store. Here, she can download the application in a single tick. After that, she can directly move to the page with the correct shoe. It can save tome from going back application's landing page and looking through once more.

The process of integration of Deep Linking in the application:

There are various apparatuses and techniques to incorporate profound connecting into your application. Hence, investigate and find what works best for you. Google, the most popular internet searcher, has its application ordering setup.

It is the one which you should use, as Google is the best wellspring of movement. The other greatest place your potential clients rush is obviously, Facebook. The Facebook App Links empower you to post your in-application content as timetable posts.

In this way, clients can view, click and get to the application or application store. It is contingent upon if they did install that application.

Also, there are Twitter Application Cards, Bing Application Linking, and Branch Deep Links too. There are also a couple of different administrations. So how about we investigate how to utilize each of these.

They can help to incorporate deep linking in your application. They can also ensure energizing up your application's commitment.

Index of Google Application:

While seeking on mobile, most clients utilize Google. It effectively makes Google an essential web index. To adequately express the idea further, think about this. About 50 percent of clients found another item or organization while looking on Google. It is needless to say that Google is very much vital.

Do you want more clients to see your application? Or reconnect clients who download your app yet don't effectively utilize it? Profound connecting your app in Google query items is a successful move.

Application ordering with Google empowers your application content to appear in Google indexed lists. It gives clients a chance to discover you straight from the search engines.

Several mobile application development companies undoubtedly are on the same page regarding the Google Index.

What is the way of doing it?

As a matter of first importance, you'll require updating your Android Manifest. It will undoubtedly help profound connections. After that, trigger profound connections from the Android Debug Bridge. It is what you'll have regardless:

  • Android Studio adaptation 1.0 or above
  • The example code
  • The Google App form 2.8 or above

Google Codelabs give you a thorough exhibition of deep linking your application with Google. They are utilizing test code for a primary formula application.

The ideal approach:

After some time, Google will have the capability for creeping in-application substance. It is for showing up in indexed lists. You won't need to give a relating site page to show in the search engines.

At the start, you do need to provide a website page. Utilizing the App Indexing API helps in creating higher SERP postings. It enables you to send the page title and details to Google. They do so without crawling the entire page with web explanations.

Facebook Application Links:

Facebook, during recent times, has about two billion day by day dynamic clients. The standard time spent per individual hitting twenty minutes every day. A more substantial part of your potential clients is hanging out on Facebook.

They are doing so quite regularly utilizing Facebook application profound connecting in your app. It can enable you to focus on the correct individuals on the proper occasions.

Facebook application links appear as customized newsfeed posts. It makes the advancement to a high degree characteristic and non-meddling. You additionally dispose of additional snaps, holding most essential client consideration. Here, you are helping them connect with you rapidly and not drop off halfway.

It is ideal to set Up Deep Linking for iOS and Android:

iOS gives designers the Bolts system to deal with deep linking’s. You can look at point by point instructional exercises on Custom URL Schemes in Objective-C and Deep Linking in iOS.

Android gives you point by point documentation on enabling Deep Links for App Content that you can undoubtedly pursue.

You must be setting up a Facebook Software Development Kit:

You can set up the Facebook Software Development Kit and get a Facebook application Identification.

Finish Facebook App Settings:

When the Facebook SDK is up and ready, you should include the profound connecting data. It must be in your Facebook application settings. For iOS settings, you first include your URL conspire without: //. At that point, you have to get your App Store Identification from your App Store URL.

Deferred Deep Linking is necessary:

Conceded Deep Linking is entirely essential. It is when you are focusing on clients who have your application on their phones. With such profound linking, your Facebook post connection will take clients specifically the predetermined item. It will certainly not move in the application landing page.

You should check your profound connection setup first. After that add profound connects to your advertisement. To assist you with this, Facebook has made a manual for making application advertisements. You can adhere to them for precise directions.

Once you complete it, you are ready to post your application profound connections on Facebook. You can certainly and attract more clients. Hence, it obvious why app development companies prefer such a strategy.


Deep Linking is never again a bit of hindsight. It is a flat out basic you ought to embrace draw in. You can convert and hold greatest clients on your application.

The above guide fills in as a beginning stage with a lot of assets for more understanding. By now you must be clear as to why major mobile application development companies prefer deep linking.

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My name is Hemendra Singh. I am Managing Director and Co-Founder of The NineHertz, a Mobile App Development Company. My ideology is that, a clear vision and hard work builds a great company.

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