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CAT & Genny - Everything You Need to Know for a Successful Career

Author: Peter Ashcroft
by Peter Ashcroft
Posted: Apr 29, 2019

Those of you hoping to have a successful career in the utility detection sector need to know about the latest technologies and range of cable avoidance equipment. CAT & Genny training is crucial in understanding the various aspects of excavation and construction processes, and to avoid buried cable strikes. Keep reading to know more about this training course and how it can help you have an outstanding career in this industry.

What is CAT & Genny?

CAT or the cable avoidance tool is used to detect live power cables that are buried by locating the electrical frequency emitted by these cables. Typically, the electrical frequency is about 33KHz. Once the cable has been located, the area or ground can be marked in order to show the cable’s layout so that when excavation takes, the cable is unharmed.

Genny (signal generator or G) comes handy when there are buried pipes. The Genny is connected to the end of the pipe, via a signal and then, the Genny produces a pulse tone down the buried pipe. CAT helps to trace the pulse tone produced by Genny and this makes sure that no damage will be done to the pipeline or pipework when excavation begins.

To put it simply, CAT & Genny are the equipment or tools that are used during excavation of the ground to ensure that the buried cables and pipelines are not at any risk of damage. In case any buried pipe, cable or any other buried service is damaged during excavations, it can lead to delays in work, injury and expensive repair costs. All of this can be avoided by professionals with specialised training in handling CAT & Genny.

How Do They Work?

As mentioned before, the CAT is powered by the signal generator or Genny in order to detect signals from metal services. The CAT has 3 modes that helps to detect underground services:

l Power or P: The CAT cannot detect signals from loaded cables in this mode. This mode is used in order to detect, avoid and locate underground electricity cables.

l Radio or R: The Radio enables the CAT to identify VLF radio signals that pipes and metal cables re-radiate. Whilst in this mode, professionals are also able to locate, detect and avoid cables and metal pipes that are used for telephone lines, water and gas.

l Genny (G or signal generator): The G mode helps the CAT in detecting radiated tone from the G to a conductor that is under the ground. This mode is used to locate, identify and avoid plus sockets or water valves that typically has a direct connection to its source.

In order to use a CAT & Genny safely and effectively, an individual needs to have the proper training and knowledge. Even the slightest mistakes or misuse of the equipment can result in serious injury to workers or loss of life. So, if you want to manage, operate or supervise the use of single generators and cable avoidance tools in the workplace, you need to enrol yourself to a training programme. For CAT & Genny training courses, there are no such prerequisites. However, you are expected to have an understanding of utility plans, underground services and cable avoidance tools. This will prove to be advantageous for you.

All that is left now is to search for a reliable and well-known CAT & Genny training provider. Make sure to choose a provider who provides a comprehensive training experience, along with theoretical learning and on-site activities. The course that you register for must cover different methods and areas including cable locators and buried utility services, understanding safety, health & financial implications and ways to avoid danger or reduce the risk. Once you complete the training course and get a certificate, you will be able to boost your career.

Summary: For a career in underground utility detection sector, you need CAT & Genny training. During the training, you will be taught the workings of this equipment and where they are used. You will also gain knowledge regarding safety and how to reduce risks when engaged in underground services. This training can enhance your skills.

Sygma Solutions Ltd is a top-notch provider of training courses in buried utility location. Their CAT & Genny course is specifically designed to help operatives gain the skills and knowledge required to safely conduct cable avoidance operations. Their training programmes span from a 1-day course to a 5-day course.

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The company is an approved ProQual Centre and can provide Cat and Genny training to the Level 2 Award in Utility Location and Avoidance.

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