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Top 3 Benefits of Web Phone in Call Center Solution

Author: David Johnson
by David Johnson
Posted: May 15, 2019

The call center solution is used in many industries and as everyone knows the call center and BPO industries run over the call center software. The call center solution is provisioned with a wide range of features to support inbound and outbound calling campaigns of any call center and / or BPO. As time passes, many changes take place in the call center industry like any other industry and those changes demand innovations in the call center solutions. Thus, the VoIP companies often come up with creative features in the call center software. One of as such creative features in the recent time is WebRTC based Web Phone.

This web phone is developed using the WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication) technology and that’s why it is known as WebRTC based web phone or WebRTC web phone. It can be integrated in any call center solution regardless of the fact that it is an Asterisk based call center software of FreeSWITCH based call center solution. There are many benefits of using this WebRTC based web phone solution. Let me share the top 3 benefits of using this WebRTC based web phone with the call center software.

1. It reduces expenses

The WebRTC based web phone can be integrated in any call center solution. Once it is integrated, it can be accessed within the call center solution and the major benefit is it eliminates the need of the PC dialer and hardware based phone. This results in reduced expenses over PC dialer software and IP phone systems. The call centers and companies don’t need to invest on license fee or product and its maintenance, which will save a lot of money in case of a huge call center or business that have multiple agents and professionals using the call center solution.

2. It increases productivity

The agents and professionals of the call center and business can use the WebRTC based web phone for calling. This will save a lot of time otherwise needed to login / configure a third party PC dialer application or IP phone. Also, many manual efforts can be saved with usage of the WebRTC based web phone. Furthermore, the back and forth for handling other devices would be removed, which will help agents and professionals to give more focus on the calls. This way the call centers and companies can experience a significant increase in overall productivity of the call center or company.

3. It increases ROI

As mentioned in earlier two points, the WebRTC based web phone will help in reducing expenses and increasing productivity, this will result in more business as well as cost saving. This ultimately increases the Returns over Investments (ROI) for the call centers and businesses.

These are the top 3 benefits of using a WebRTC based web phone with the call center solution. The current call center software comes with an integrated WebRTC based web phone. However, the call center solution developed a few years back don’t have this module, but it can be integrated easily to leverage benefits of the WebRTC solution based web phone.

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