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4 Common Brother Printer Problems And How To Fix Them

Author: Jenny Watson
by Jenny Watson
Posted: Aug 02, 2019

Printers are one of the most important gadgets on which many businesses and even common folks rely. When it comes to manufacturing of printers, the Brother company is undoubtedly one of the best ones out there. Brother Printers are very reliable and comes in a variety of types to choose from, whether it is for commercial purposes or small household purposes. As trustworthy and efficient as Brother Printers are, they are too prone to the various problems that a normal printer faces. From recurrent paper jams, slow printing, low-quality printing to not getting connected to devices at all, users face quite a lot of problems while using printers. While you can always pick up your phone and call the Brother printer customer care phone number to report your problem right away, there are a few easy and simple troubleshooting steps that you can take to get rid of the problem.

1. Paper Jams

Paper jams are one of the most common problems that people go through while using printers. Luckily, with new modern printers, paper jams are less likely to happen but nonetheless, they still can occur. Misalignment is one of the most common reasons for a paper jam. Make sure that you square off the stack before inserting it into the tray. You also might want to consider a thorough cleaning of the printer for crumpled bits and pieces of paper and opt for a thinner choice of paper. While these are easy fixes, replacement of rulers that feed the paper can be a bit complex task. If the problem persists, contact the Brother Printer Customer Support.

2. The Printer Won't Print

If there are no error messages popping up on your device screen and still your printer is not printing, it might have connectivity issues. Check if the printer is still connected to the device via a USB cable or to your router via an ethernet cable. If your printer is connected via a wireless connection, make sure that the wifi is still working and that the signal is strong enough. Also, check the network your device is connected to and make sure it is the same one as the printer. The printer software, as well as the driver, needs to be installed in your device before you print. If they are installed and you still cannot print, your driver might be corrupted and needs to be reinstalled. If your printer came with a CD-ROM, run it and install the software. If it didn't, go the official Brother Printer page and enter your model name and OS. Contact the Brother printer customer service if you still can't find your printer's driver from the website. If you do find it, download and install it before proceeding to print anything.

3. Lousy Printing and Ghosting

While low ink in the cartridges will gradually degrade the printing quality, a sudden change in the quality is questionable. Check the print settings and change it to a higher quality mode if it is in draft mode. If you are printing photos, it is advised to use the original Brother photo paper as opposed to other third-party papers. Another common printing problem is Ghosting where the image prints properly on the paper but a much lighter and low-quality copy of the image or text is also printed somewhere else. Ghosting is usually related to power port problems. Opt for a different power source or reboot the printer as well as the connected device. Contact the Brother printer customer care phone number if the problem persists. It might be due to the consumable parts in the printer which is the imaging kit and drum. You might have already exhausted them and need to replace them.

4. WiFi Printing is slow

While modern printers offer wireless printing which seems hassle-free and easy, you can face problems if the signal and connectivity of the printer and the device to the router are not strong enough. Make sure that you place the printer very close to the router and that your router supports 5GHz band as well as 2.4 GHz.

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Author: Jenny Watson

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