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Meena Verma

Member since: Jul 30, 2014
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A World of Easter Traditions offers a wide selection of Easter greeting cards. Easter, a religious observation commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, is regarded as Christianity’s most important...

Articles > Shopping > Gifts Mar 18, 2015
Choose a Perfect Birthday Card for Your Nephew at an Online Greeting Card Shop

Aunts and uncles think of their nephews with such love and care throughout the year. From the moment they’re born, aunts and uncles are there to celebrate the milestones in their nephews’ lives. So on...

Articles > Shopping > Gifts Oct 23, 2014
Send Love with Valentin’s Day Greeting Cards

When you think of Valentine’s Day, do your thoughts turn to romance? Candle light dinners, kisses, engagements?Yes, romance is a major component of the holiday, but Valentine’s Day is a celebration of...

Articles > Shopping > Gifts Feb 03, 2015
Step-By-Step Instructions: How to Make and Send a Holiday Greeting Card

As the holiday season approaches, people around the world will prepare to make holiday greeting cards to send to friends and family. It’s easier than ever to make personalized holiday greeting cards...

Articles > Shopping > Gifts Nov 13, 2014
Find the Greeting Card for Cool Uncle Wh’s a Positive Influence in Your Life

Uncles play a unique and important part in families. They act as role models, friends and protectors to their nieces and nephews. A good uncle is always there to offer support, wisdom and fun. He’s...

Articles > Shopping > Gifts Aug 27, 2014
Photo Ideas for Military Greeting Cards That Will Make Your Troops Feel at Home

When you’re far from home in an unfamiliar environment, there’s nothing like a loving card in the mail to brighten up your day and make you feel closer to family and friends. Military greeting cards...

Articles > Shopping > Gifts Oct 23, 2014
Romantic Birthday Cards for Him Add a Special Touch to the Celebration

On your special guy’s birthday, you’ll want to make his celebration extra thoughtful and memorable. Maybe you’ve planned a relaxing getaway, dinner for two at a fancy restaurant, or tickets to see his...

Articles > Shopping > Gifts Oct 23, 2014
Sending Cards is a Wonderful Way to Celebrate the Day a Person Was Born

A birthday is a special day that comes once a year, and it’s the day when everyone gives you special attention by showering you with blessings, wishes and gifts. One of the popular and evergreen...

Articles > Shopping > Gifts Dec 05, 2014
Sending Personalized Greeting Cards Are a Thoughtful Way to Celebrate Grandfather's Birthdays

Grandfathers are a special part of life and create so many beautiful memories for their grandchildren, whether it’s taking them on fishing trips, telling stories from their past or passing on their...

Articles > Shopping > Gifts Dec 05, 2014

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