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Raza Khan

United Arab Emirates

Member since: Nov 24, 2015
Published articles: 21

7 Major Benefits of Using Interactive Kiosks

Interactive kiosks have gained a lot of popularity in most of the retail businesses for numerous products and services in the past few years. Growth of technology has led to this development and...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Services Feb 08, 2016
Advantages of Using Interactive Kiosks

There are many advantages of implementing interactive digital kiosks as well as potential uses & they have found use within a diversity of different settings & businesses.They can be used as digital...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Services Dec 01, 2017
Best Practices for Outdoor Digital Signage

A successful business is a result of optimization of good marketing. Various strategies should be used for marketing and other promotional activities. Installing an Outdoor Digital Signage at various...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Services Jan 27, 2016
Digital Signage Solutions and Its Importance

Outdoor advertising is growing day by day and various technological developments have led to growth of digital signage for outdoor advertising. Digital signage for various outdoor promotion mediums...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Services May 03, 2016
How Corporate Digital Signage is Improving Communication in the Workplace?

We’re seeing digital signage pop-up in more and more places as the capabilities of signage software grow and costs decrease. As an easy, effective way to share a message with an audience, many...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Services Jul 24, 2017
Know Why Digital Signage is Important for Advertising in Dubai

Growth of outdoor advertising through LED Screens has become evident in the recent years in Dubai. Digital mediums of promotions have become vital for any kind of promotion. It is important from both...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Services Mar 06, 2017
Know Why Video Wall Rental Play an Important Role in Promotions

As we all know, advertising has evolved over the years and is developing with technological advancement. In this consumer centric market, it is important that advertisers reach out to their potential...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Services Feb 20, 2017
Outdoor Signage Market is Set to Grow High

Traditional billboards and hoardings have been replaced by outdoor digital signage and the global market is pretty much driven by the growing demand of outdoor advertising. It is said that the field...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Branding Feb 18, 2016
Types of Signage Services in Dubai

There are various types of promotional strategies that brands adapt out of which digital signage is considered to be one of the most impactful mediums of promotions. Know about the variety of digital...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Services May 15, 2017
What is the Purpose of an Advertising Player?

The ways of marketing have certainly changed today. New and innovative ideas of marketing are coming up in the recent years. One of the many, is using an advertising player. A digital advertising...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Services Nov 24, 2015
Generating Impactful Interactive Kiosks

Interactive kiosks are a modern tool to reach out to potential clients and increase the business of the company. Kiosks are installed almost everywhere in today’s world hence it is important for the...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Services Jan 27, 2016
Advantages of Using Led Screens for Promotions

We have been seeing a paradigm shift in the advertising industry and succeeded to observe that digital advertising is taking over the outdoor advertising. But we also know how important outdoor...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Branding Nov 07, 2016
Case Study: Largest Rigid Rear Projection Screen in the Middle East Installed in Dubai Mall

An effective display solution is based on multiple factors required to maintain a setup that serves the requirements in the best possible way. Thus, all the projection application has more to a...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Branding Sep 04, 2017
Digital Signage Services and Its Importance

Digital signage companies play a very important role in UAE in the advertising world and we all come across a lot of new about the same. The most important aspect of digital signage services is its...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Branding Jan 27, 2017
Impact of Led Screens on Your Business

The main purpose for the survival of any business is to cater more customers and grab their attention. This is done by generating an interest, creating a fascinating image about your product or brand...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Branding Jun 24, 2016
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