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Kv Gopalakrishnan


Member since: Sep 20, 2016
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Solar Thermal Systems Explained

A solar thermal system is a system that uses solar absorber panels installed commonly on the roof of a property to absorb the radiant heat directly from the sun, and using it to heat the hot water...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Jul 20, 2019
Solar Thermal Technology - the Emission-Free Method to Generate Steam and Power

Solar thermal technology is used to harness the energy from the sun’s rays for heating water and producing steam to generate electricity and for various other purposes. Solar thermal technology is...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Dec 27, 2018
The Importance of Air Washers in Manufacturing Facilities

Air washers are essential equipment used in manufacturing facilities that improve the quality of air by managing the level of humidity, dust particles, and other contaminants within the manufacturing...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial May 27, 2019
The Importance of Water Pressure Booster Pumps

A high pressure water pumps or a water pressure booster pumps are devices used for increasing the flowing pressure of water flowing through the pipelines. These pumps usually use inbuilt impellers...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Sep 30, 2019
The Many Uses of Heat Recovery Systems

As the name suggests, a heat recovery system is a system that extracts and recovers heat from the environment so that it does not get wasted. It is a well-known fact that we produce a lot of heat in...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Oct 24, 2019
Things You Need to Know About Warp Knitting

The textile industry, like most others, has found its way around the technological advancement of the 21st Century. However, the principles of William Lee, the inventor of the knitting machine, still...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Nov 17, 2018
Top Rollers - Spinning Machinery Components in Textile Engineering

Textile manufacturing includes a wide range of processing stages such as fiber production, yarn conversion, fabric manufacturing, etc. Spinning yarn manufacturing is the process of converting workable...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Sep 02, 2019
Trends and Developments in Textile Fabrication Machinery

Textile Processing Machinery:The first major use of machines in the textile industry was seen during the industrial revolution when equipment like water frames, flying shuttles, power looms and the...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Oct 12, 2016
Types of Water Pumps and Their Use

Water pumps are machines that move water by means of mechanical forces. Water pumps find applications in a number of situations like agriculture, medicine, aquarium filtering, and heavy machinery...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Oct 21, 2019
Understand Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Pollution is on the rise and is quite detrimental to the environment. The water bodies have already been polluted and it is not stopping any time soon. One of the many ways a nation tries to curb...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Oct 18, 2019
Understanding Industrial Lubrication System

It is the technique or process of using solid, liquid, solid-liquid dispersions, liquid-liquid dispersions or gases to reduce wear and tear and/or friction between two surfaces which come in contact...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Dec 21, 2018
Warp Knitting Machines -- an Essential Tool for Textile Manufacturing

Warp and weft are the two basic components used in textile manufacturing to turn thread or yarn into fabric. Warping is the process of converting multiple yarns from individual yarn packages to form a...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Dec 02, 2019
Wastewater Treatment and Its Process Explained

Wastewater is nothing but the used water which originates from domestic, industrial, agricultural, medical and transport activities. Wastewater can be differentiated upon the change of its quality...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Jul 22, 2019
Wastewater Treatment for Different Industries

All industries produce large quantities of wastewater that needs to be processed to meet governmental regulations and to answer environmental concerns. Municipalities also produce large quantities of...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Mar 29, 2019
We Make Wastewater Treatment Easy at Ate

ATE offers a comprehensive set of solutions for wastewater treatment. With our expertise and extensive research, we strive to bring revolution in the field of wastewater management. We are pioneers in...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Mar 01, 2019
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