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Nehmat Sandhu


Member since: Dec 27, 2016
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How Data Logger is Changing Business Opportunities in 21St Century

Data Logger is the technological advanced device utilized for recording entries automatically. It operates on the basis of inbuilt memory card and smart sensors. Designed with perfection, Data Logger...

Articles > Technology & Science > Electronics Sep 10, 2019
A Device to Control Natural Hazards and Climacterics: Humidity Meter

Such a device is a basic need to support the human kind with controlled humid level to enhance the atmosphere on the living condition. And the answer to the same is humidity meter which helps in...

Articles > Technology & Science > Electronics Oct 09, 2017
A Growing Need for Healthy Living and Being - Conductivity Meter

Can you imagine your life without water? Of course not! But one cannot ignore the fact that impurities in water is increasing day by day. So can you really use that water for your consumption? No...

Articles > Technology & Science > Electronics Sep 25, 2017
Data Logger a Technology We All Are Dependent On

Consider a situation where you have authorized data logger in a corporate firm. But your system seems to be realized on server down and then you are asked to manually log the data in the manual. Well...

Articles > Technology & Science > Electronics Jan 04, 2018
Data Logger All What You Need to Know About This Little Invention

Progressively, however not by any stretch of the imagination, Data logger depends on a computerized processor. They by and large are little, battery controlled, convenient, and outfitted with a chip...

Articles > Technology & Science > Electronics May 22, 2018
Data Logger the Best Technological Product for Determining the Environmental Parameters

As the name suggests data loggers are the instruments that are used for data logging of various parameters. Depending on requirements there are various types of data loggers like PC based or...

Articles > Technology & Science > Electronics Jun 07, 2018
Data Logger: Because Accurate Results Need Accurate Devices

Ask this question to yourself! So if you have around list of 5000 reading from an instrument that you need to record on your system by tomorrow, how will you submit the record while managing it...

Articles > Technology & Science > Electronics Apr 18, 2017
Data Loggers and Their Usages in Easy Terms Now

The data logger is a device, which collects multiple data and converts the data into digital data. A data logger has to be connected with a main controlling computer to read and store the data...

Articles > Technology & Science > Electronics Nov 02, 2017
Digital Counters: a Device Makes Your Work Easier

Digital counters are circuits and hardware components that are used to count the number of pulses. The flip-flop technology is used to have a count of the signals and thus in Digital counters...

Articles > Technology & Science > Electronics Nov 14, 2017
Evolution in the Field of Electronics with the Data Logger

A data logger is also known as a data recorder. It is a small and portable electronic device that records data for a certain time at a certain place according to its preset programming. It also...

Articles > Shopping > Electronics Dec 26, 2017
Flow Meter: Because You Cannot Risk the Overflow of Gas and Liquid

Have you ever wondered about the flow rate of a gas? What controls the flow of the quantity of a gas or a liquid moving in a pipe? A device called Flow Meter is used for the same purpose. Let’s...

Articles > Technology & Science > Electronics Jun 16, 2017
Humidity Controller a Device Control the Humidity of Environment

When we talk about the industrial environment, there is no doubt that we need effective control of humidity and it is essential. It is a key part of the operation of the factories environment in many...

Articles > Shopping > Electronics May 08, 2018
Humidity Controller the Domestic and Commercial Use of a Device

In this era of global warming, one new problem has arisen. The new problem on earth is excess humidity. In the previous days, there were a lot of trees, which used to help to maintain the humidity...

Articles > Shopping > Electronics Dec 20, 2017
Humidity Meter: a Requirement to Control the Level of Access Humidity from the Environment

Now imagine a world without humidity! Well, honestly you cannot, because humidity is a basic need to resist a living environment. And neither can too much humidity make that possible. This means that...

Articles > News & Society > Environmental Sep 02, 2017
Humidity Meter: How You Can Have Better Options of Industrial Production

Humidity meter and hygrometers happen to be instruments used to quantify the measurement of water-vapor in gasses, frequently air. The measurement of water vapor in the humidity, the air, happens to...

Articles > Technology & Science > Electronics Dec 02, 2017
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Humidity meter helps in detecting the humid level in the environment that can be controlled with improved measures. Such a device is a basic need to support the human kind with controlled humid level to enhance the atmosphere on the living condition.