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Deepak Nangla

Member since: Feb 05, 2018
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24 Days of Fun, Luck and Excitement with the Brightsun Travel Digital Advent Calendar

With Christmas just around the corner, Brightsun Travel brings to you a chance to win exciting gifts and vouchers with its digital advent calendar. This advent calendar launched on 1st December and...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Flights Dec 21, 2019
6 Amazing Reasons to Visit Adelaide

This South Australian capital is a hidden gem of Australia, often overlooked by travel makers. Adelaide is certainly worth a visit itself; it’s charming and laid-back with a fascinating cultural...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Flights Sep 19, 2019
Best Sightseeing Attractions in Muscat

Muscat is a stunning Middle Eastern city with a whole host of holiday highlights, including breath-taking landscapes, authentic cultures, traditional souqs, eclectic mansions and pristine beaches...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Flights Jun 07, 2019
Discover Doh’s Awe-Inspiring Landmarks, from Past to Present

Doha, Qatar’s stunning capital city is renowned for its spectacular array of contemporary buildings and towering skyscrapers, to which the city’s label as one of the 7 New Wonder Cities in the World...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Flights Aug 11, 2019
Discover Malaysi’s Rich Cultural Heritage at These 5 Spots in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the multicultural capital of Malaysia with unparalleled historic charm. This culturally rich metropolis is home to stunning ancient monuments such as magnificent temples, mosques and...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Destinations Oct 04, 2019
Discover These Enticing Landmarks & Attractions in Colombo

Colombo is Sri Lanka’s capital and largest city offering a fascinating blend of old and new; there are colonial-style buildings and ancient monuments standing side by side with futuristic skyscrapers...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Flights Oct 10, 2019
Explore Ho Chi Minh Cit’s Top Museum Spaces

Ho Chi Minh City is a captivating Vietnamese city home to everything from bustling street markets and traditional temples to dazzling skyscrapers, French colonial architecture and trendy rooftop bars...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Flights Sep 01, 2019
Explore These Amazing Attractions and Landmarks in Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand which is renowned for its modern hotels, delightful culinary experiences and exciting nightlife. This immersive city also boasts diverse neighbourhoods...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Flights Sep 26, 2019
The Top 5 Museums & Galleries in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is South Africa’s cultural capital with an immense creative energy and flourishing art culture. The city has a great passion for art, with a great amount of institutions that display...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Destinations Nov 01, 2019
Visiting Kuwait - the Easiest Travel Guide

Kuwait is a stunning country set in the Middle East blessed with a long stretch of pristine coastline, architectural wonders, excellent restaurants and hotels, religious sites and a blend of modernity...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Flights Dec 20, 2019
Where is Best to Stay in Buenos Aires? the Cit’s Top Neighbourhoods

Buenos Aires is the charming Argentinian capital with something special for all types of traveller. There are lots of trendy neighbourhoods in this city, many of which are considered destinations in...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Flights Oct 17, 2019
Pakistan - a Land of Scenic Beauty, Rich History & Captivating Cultural Traditions

Pakistan is a beautiful country situated in South Asia and it’s one of the world’s most fascinating travel destinations which often surprises anyone who visits. The intriguing country is home to...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Flights Sep 06, 2018
Incredible Attractions of Cape Town

It’s the thirst of exploring the wonders of the world that takes us to places far and wide. Each one of them offers a different kind of experience. Some like Cape Town blow us away completely. This...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Flights Jun 25, 2018
A Visito’s Guide to the Best Shopping in New York

The stunning city of New York is one of the world’s best shopping destinations offering something special for every shopper, with renowned department stores, designer flagship stores, chic boutiques...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Flights Feb 10, 2019
Discover the Gems of Marrakes’s Walled Medina

Marrakesh’s iconic Medina is the cultural heartbeat of the city and one of the world’s largest open-air markets, home to everything from boutiques, shops and souks to distinct red buildings...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Flights Jul 21, 2019
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