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Shermie Garcia

Member since: Mar 03, 2019
Published articles: 8

5 Must-Buy New Zealand Souvenirs No Matter Where You Are

New Zealand is a beautiful country blooming with nature and treats. Despite being so far away for most people in the world, the country has seen its fair share of tourists willing to explore the vast...

Articles > Business & Careers > Shipping May 07, 2021
8 Tips to Better Your Career Growth with Online Courses

There comes a specific time when one has to improve his own skills in order to advance. The world is filled with competition, and anyone who is unable to adapt and to improve will end up last. Online...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Jun 12, 2021
A Sip Through Time: Chick Pea Coffee

Chick pea coffee, for the short "chic", is a new coffee that is made from roasted and ground chick peas. Not only does it taste great but the beans are packed with protein too. So chic tastes great...

Articles > Food & Beverage > Coffee May 30, 2021
B-Complex Vitamins | Benefits, Deficiency Symptoms and Sources

B vitamins are very important for the body since they provide preventive care for the body. There are 8 categories of vitamin B: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12. Each of these B-complex vitamins...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Supplements & Vitamins Mar 07, 2019
Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing has been around for many years, and the way it is revolutionizing the business sector is not a secret anymore. However, the social media giant made several improvements to its...

Articles > Finance > Real Estate Apr 04, 2021
Everything You Should Know About Private Lte and 5G Network Ecosystem

For consumers and creators alike, multiple computers being able to communicate among them is a digital feat that began in the 1960s and has unquestionably become an indispensable part of human...

Articles > Communications > Mobile Cell Phones Jun 04, 2021
Getting Sick of Your Stubborn Acne? | Best Acne Supplements and Vitamins

Acne is not just a teenage thing that goes away once you get past your teenage. People between the age of 25-40 with acnes constitute around 40% of the population. Acnes hurt the self-confidence and...

Articles > Beauty > Skin Care Mar 07, 2019
Property Management Tips and Tricks You Should Be Aware of As the Property Owner

Owning a rental property is great as you have a chance to get a good return on investment. However, you have to do it right. This will determine if you’ll succeed or not. Your goal is to get the...

Articles > Finance > Real Estate Feb 26, 2021

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Hi,This is Shermie who loves to showing her thought by blogging with others. I'm also very concern about health,food,travelling and many more. I have maintained a blog for helping others to finding theirs best information.