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Why Chocolate for Grown Ups Can Still Be Fun

Who says chocolate marketed at adults has to be boring? We know it’s ‘sumptuous’, ‘velvety’, ‘rich’ and ‘luxurious’, but can it also be fun? Well, according to chocolate suppliers the Grown Up...

Lisa Jeeves Nov 18, 2016
Eye-Catching Window Displays Are the Name of the Game

Once, a few decades ago, almost every neighbourhood had its own sweet shop. Sweet shop owners across the country were able to make a living without having to think too much about marketing and...

Lisa Jeeves Feb 01, 2017
Chocolate and Wine - a Guide to Dangerously Delicious Pairings

Is there a better match than premium chocolates and fine wine? If there is, I have yet to find one; it’s particularly true when you find that magical pairing. It is the ultimate indulgence and perfect...

Lisa Jeeves Mar 21, 2017
Hot Chocolate: the Drink of Aztec Warriors, Explorers and War Heroes

Do you ever treat yourself to a hot cup of cocoa before going to bed? This can be a cosy treat, even though many people see drinking chocolate as something of a childish indulgence. This should not be...

Lisa Jeeves Mar 21, 2017
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