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The Importance of Color in Mobile App Design

Author: Hemendra Singh
by Hemendra Singh
Posted: Jul 31, 2019
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Having a good and attractive mobile design is important for any online business. Apart from having a good website, now the app is also needed for a better business. Through the apps, business owners are able to cut off the communication gap between them and their users.

Through mobile apps they can communicate users easily, all the notification about the feedback, services, discounts, latest features and so on will directly show on the notification bar of their mobile phone.

According to the studies, users spend 89% of their time on mobile apps, and moreover, more than 50% of the people wake up and the first thing they pick in their hand is their smartphone. And this is the reason that mobile app use is increasing so, the mobile app design should be a priority for the business owners.

The essential part of the mobile app design is the colour scheme. One can’t simply ignore the power the power or the effect right colour scheme give to your mobile app.

The right colour scheme not only uplift the mood of your app, but it also upholds the users for the longer period of time. It also helps the users to understand the certain features in the app.

Why are colours given that much importance in the app?

We are well familiar that users’ experience and their interface both play an important role in keeping the audience/users engage. Though, no one can underestimate the power of colours in the app design.

In fact, application designers should not only focus on making the application easy to use but should also emphasize the correct pitch ratio of the application design. Yes, people will love a colourful and attractive application to help explain the content of the application.

Remember that colours are the only things which attract everyone’s eyeballs, and colour has the power to make a dull thing interesting and a create thing not-so-interesting just by you colour scheme selection.

However, the problem before application design is to choose colours for different parts of the mobile application. You must select the application icon, the logo, and the primary colours, and the most important thing is to choose a perfect colour scheme, it should talk on the behalf of yours.

See the significance of the various important colours-

According to the latest trending and changing colour scheme most of the app designers would like to follow the trend, which is not a bad idea. You can go with the flow and engage more audience.

Designer and a user both experience the hues have an impact on the users’ mind. So, now let us see a few important colours and see what meaning they convey.

As you see the bright yellow sunflowers in the field, they give you the cheerfulness feeling. Similarly, the use of yellow colour in the app will relate the users to delight.

The red colour in roses implies the colour of love, and in the colour scheme, it signifies the call of action.

Orange as a fruit and also as colour give you the feeling of excitement and enthusiasm.

The green colour is more associated with nature and environment. It is also said that the colour also indicates a good wealth.

Blues is again a dynamic colour gives a cool feeling, and it is a dynamic colour known for prosperity and serenity.

Picking up the right colour scheme is vital-

You should know that selecting the right colour scheme is undeniably one of the most critical jobs that the Mobile App development Company has got in their hands. However, when you go out for making the choice of colour which is associated with your theme of the app and your brand colours. Some brands have their permanent colour scheme which is used in everywhere in their brands and it becomes their identification, so you can use that colour scheme in your app.

You just need to choose the simple colour for your mobile app design which enhances the UI and UX Design. More the simple and sorted your app design will look, more it will be pleasing to the eyes and at the same time, it gives the content more important.

When the mobile app developers use simple colours, it is better to go with two or most probably three colours. While developing the colours scheme you can take the help of the colour wheel. The colour wheel is used by many designers whether they are fashion designer or app designer. It makes the task easier.

After this feature, colour is the second important aspect of the application. Interactions between humans and computers are mainly based on interactions with graphical user interface elements, and colours play a crucial role in this interaction.

It helps the user to view and interpret the contents of the application, interact with the correct elements and understand the operation. Each application has a colour scheme and uses the main colours of its main area.

How to create a scheme?

The colour wheel can help you so much when choosing the colour scheme for your mobile app design.

There is a number of predefined colour scheme standards that make creating new schemes easier.


It is the scheme which is very simple to create, as in this each colour is taken from the same colour base. These theme colours go well together to give the soothing effect. Especially with the green and blue hues in the monochromatic scheme is very easy on eyes. It looks elegant and clean.


Analogous is the theme which is created from related colours and these colours belong to the same family. One colour is used as the dominant colour while others used to enrich the scheme.


Opposites colours don't look bad always together, in the complementary theme it is all about taking opposite colours. The colours in this scheme contrast each other very strongly, there is no dominating, each compliment other. This scheme in mobile app design is used to attract people’s eyes.

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My name is Hemendra Singh. I am Managing Director and Co-Founder of The NineHertz, a Mobile App Development Company. My ideology is that, a clear vision and hard work builds a great company.

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