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Ritesh Mehta

Member since: Apr 27, 2017
Published articles: 71

Iphone App Development is a Very Worthwhile Venture for Software and Web Developers Nowadays

The keys for a business to succeed are convenience and accessibility. Customers want everything immediately and should not be way from their fingertips. The very popular iPhone with its endless...

Articles > Computers > Software Aug 02, 2017
Java is Still Top Language

Java remains the top programming language last year and continues to be the most popular this year. By popular, it means that it has the most code lines written. The programming language earned a...

Articles > Computers > Software Jul 14, 2017
Key Technologies of a Smart City

SMART CITIES ARE CONNECTED CITIES Smart cities are connected cities and work in conjunction with everything, from Internet of things sensors to collection of open data and smart streetlights for...

Articles > Computers > Information Technology Sep 26, 2017
Pros and Cons Core

.NET Core is a significant.NET redesign. It is a new open source and cross-platform framework to build modern cloud-based web connected applications, like IOT applications, web apps and mobile...

Articles > Computers > Software Sep 08, 2017
Recycling Old Computers is the Best Way to Avoid Harmful Toxins from Spreading

During the holidays, thousands of people would be unwrapping brand-new computers, leaving the old ones discarded and gather dust, or even worst, head to the garbage. Nonetheless, in today's global...

Articles > Computers > Computer Tips Aug 22, 2017
Retail Industry Technology

Nowadays, the retail industry is facing great competition from the new digital channels, such as m-commerce, e-commerce and social media. Customers are more tech-savvy, more informed and demands...

Articles > Computers > Information Technology Jul 18, 2017
Salesforce is a Most Extensively Used Cloud-Based Crm with Thousands of Users All over the World

SalesForce is an extensively known CRM that is cloud-based with over 77,000 users all over the globe. It helps businesses create stronger relationships with clients and thus acquire better visibility...

Articles > Computers > Programming Aug 10, 2017
Sharepoint Development Could Boost Business Processes and Tasks As Well As Its Roi

A software developer today could opt to focus on SharePoint development in order to enhance business processes. There are many advantages to SharePoint development that can help developers build more...

Articles > Computers > Software Aug 09, 2017
Sharepoint Development in the Viewpoint of a Developer

As a business platform, the first duty of a SharePoint developer is to solve business issues in a professional manner. Developing SharePoint solutions is a complex one. As a matter of fact it is not...

Articles > Computers > Programming Oct 17, 2017
Software Development Life Cycle Offers Steps for Designing and Developing Software

There are numerous defined and designed software development approaches being used and employed during the software development process. The approaches are also known as software development process...

Articles > Computers > Software Sep 04, 2017
Success for Managers Everywhere Means Mastering the Various Management Skills

A manager has a very crucial responsibility to the staff. The job is more than telling people what to do, and the employees are looking up to a manager for more than just marching orders. The best...

Articles > Computers > Information Technology Aug 24, 2017
Technological Developments That Drive the Financial Services

In the business environment today, more and more financial services organizations are looking for ways to leverage to gain a competitive edge and to cater to the mobile workforce and mobile customer...

Articles > Computers > Information Technology Jul 26, 2017
The Advantages of Cloud Integration

Cloud integration offers various advantages over older, compartmentalized organizational methodologies. Integrating cloud provides scalability to enable future expansion when it comes to number of...

Articles > Computers > Information Technology Jul 24, 2017
The Best Practices in Biztalk Development

BizTalk by Microsoft enables organizations to automate processes, via using the adapters tailored to communicate with various software systems used in an organization. It offers business process...

Articles > Computers > Software Sep 25, 2017
The Business Benefits of Cloud Computing

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are shifting some or all of their applications and data to cloud computing. This is to take avail of the numerous benefits available to them via the cloud. However...

Articles > Computers > Programming Oct 03, 2017
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Ritesh Mehta is the Sales Director at TatvaSoft Australia, a Software & mobile app development company. For Over 15 years, he has been professionally active in financial management, software development.