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Ritesh Mehta

Member since: Apr 27, 2017
Published articles: 71

A Conspiracy of Software Quality

CONSPIRACY OF SOFTWARE QUALITY There’s a conspiracy of silence regarding the quality of software. A conspiracy theory explains a political, social or economic event as caused or covered up by a group...

Articles > Computers > Software Sep 13, 2017
Agile Development Method Comes Very Handy for a Web Development Company

Agile methods were derived or came up from the projects experiences in real-time of some of the best software professionals who experienced limitations and challenge of the traditional waterfall...

Articles > Computers > Software Sep 22, 2017
Any Business Can Grow Its Business with Sharepoint Web Application Development

SharePoint is a proprietary product by Microsoft that has seen maximum growth in just a short period of time, yet continues to have plenty of potential because of its striking features as well as easy...

Articles > Computers > Software Sep 06, 2017
Aws Vs. Azure: Wha’s Best for Your Organization?

Let’s talk about Cloud, and thus let’s talk about AWS and Azure. If a business is deciding where to hose a specific cloud workload, which service would be best? It is a choice that is made more...

Articles > Computers > Programming Oct 09, 2017
Benefits of a Software the Oil and Gas Industry

Through the years, a lot of software technologies were built to cater to the changing demands and processes in the oil and gas industry. The technologies enable the industry to be more efficient and...

Articles > Writing > Self Publishing Apr 28, 2017
Cloud Application Development

Whether developing, testing or deploying applications in the cloud, one has to unlearn some beliefs and learn new ones in order for it to work. Cloud application development and testing are gaining...

Articles > Computers > Programming Jul 28, 2017
Determine Some of the Reasons Why an Organization Should Outsource Its It Department

Businesses these days are using software and computers to stay on the competitive edge. With the evolution of technology, companies of all sizes and kinds feel the need to have these in order to keep...

Articles > Business & Careers > Outsourcing Aug 18, 2017
Determine the Ways of Troubleshooting the Eight Known Issues and Concerns with the New Ios 8

Without doubt, iOS 8 has been a blessing as well as curse for those estimated two-third that has made the update since it was released in September. Nonetheless, it still lags behind its predecessors...

Articles > Computers > Programming Aug 17, 2017
Digital Business Transformation

Technology is transforming people’s work lives. Each aspect of work is being redefined, where people work, how they work, who they work with. Work is shifting from collaboration and communication to...

Articles > Business & Careers > Business Tips Jul 12, 2017
Five Tech Trends That Could Supercharge Education in 2016

Tomorrow’s technologies already are making headway into education. Other are poised for mass distribution this year. The future is here as the technologies of tomorrow are being tested I chosen...

Articles > Computers > Information Technology Aug 29, 2017
Five Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know About Devops

There are a lot of entrepreneurs around who are not funded to the gills. They are no strangers to making each penny count into realizing their vision. Whether eradicating waste in the processes or...

Articles > Computers > Programming Oct 05, 2017
Healthcare Management Software

Hospitals, medical practices and other healthcare organizations turn to a healthcare management software to comply with the more and more complex medical coding and billing regulations imposed by...

Articles > Computers > Software Jul 19, 2017
How to Reap the Benefits That the Rise in Application Usage Brings These Days

In mobile application technology trends, app usage is growing, but only few applications reap the benefits. The increasingly dominant role that smart phones play in the lives of users nowadays has...

Articles > Computers > Information Technology Oct 23, 2017
Important Things to Know Regarding the Latest Release of Core 2.0

The development platform of Microsoft, NET has been around for some time now as the heart of the development tool and platform strategy of the company. Starting as a Windows-only tool, which brought...

Articles > Computers > Software Oct 24, 2017
Introduction Core

The IT world is on constant change, thus Microsoft have made some huge alterations to the.Net framework and have specifically rolled out.Net Core, which partially is available to the open source...

Articles > Computers > Software Sep 01, 2017
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Ritesh Mehta is the Sales Director at TatvaSoft Australia, a Software & mobile app development company. For Over 15 years, he has been professionally active in financial management, software development.