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Premium Member
Strategizing Your Inventory

With disposable income at a low point and with economic upturns only a fantasy at the moment, plenty of retailers are struggling to make ends meet. There are two basic strategies that most retailers...

Robert Smith Dec 31, 1969
Premium Member
Managing Stationery: is It Inconsequential?

Appearing to be inconsequential, stationery in office and home is often neglected. Not part of strategic planning, it is hardly paid much attention, and looked into only whence the need arises. It is...

Uday Patel Dec 31, 1969
Premium Member
Talent Acquisition: How Staffing Comes into the Picture!

Talent tapping across diverse spectrum of the society is what bolsters a staffing company’s success in the cut throat competitive market. Marketing partnership is essential with external...

Uday Patel Dec 31, 1969
Premium Member
Business Stationery : Every Penny Counts

It is impossible not to bring the raging pandemics in to picture. The economic downturn has been tremendous and many businesses have been closed and are on the verge of closure. The job loss may not...

Uday Patel Dec 31, 1969
Topper's Guide- How to Clearthe Gpsc Exam Without Coaching

GPSC- Gujarat Public Service Commission every year conducts the GPSC Gujarat exam to recruit candidates for Class I, II & III, Deputy Section Officer, Range Forest Officer, Private Secretary, and...

Aamod Gohil Dec 31, 1969
Tiding over the Pandemic and Holding an Advantageous Position for the Long Term with Digitization

As the pandemic unsettles almost every facet of life, businesses are turning to digital technology and analytics for surviving the crisis and to prepare for new methods of operation and customer...

Bikram Paul Dec 31, 1969
Multi Domain Controller Market Size, Industry Trends and Forecast Global Industry Key Players, Size,

Multi Domain Controller Market can be defined as the server or control system that takes over a number of processors and handles all the other processors that are implemented in the vehicles. The...

Eathen Eathen Dec 31, 1969
Night Vision System and Driver Monitoring System Market Size, Industry Trends and Forecast Global In

Night Vision System and Driver Monitoring System rise in sales of vehicles has also meant in the rise of road accidents worldwide. This has induced the automotive industry to innovate and develop...

Eathen Eathen Dec 31, 1969
Android Instant Apps Are Changing the Way Application Developers Mindsets

Trust is the foundation of long-term relationships. So is the case with mobile apps. And the greatest challenge remains the same - trust is earned over time, by providing value and delivering on...

Danny Root Dec 31, 1969
The Case when We Combine Sustainable Leadership with Sustainable Business Ideas!

The idea of running business is not a new and very unique idea. Everyone wants to do this and is in a loop for thing to get on the right manner. Though the concept might be new for some, it is not...

Jenny Tervo Dec 31, 1969
How Good Can Be Social Media for Small Business

Now days social media performs very well in small business and it is a plus point if you have an online business. One research shows about 93% small business owner use Facebook to market their...

Syed Hamza Dec 31, 1969
Covid 19 Pandemic - How to Manage a Remote Team

The world was running wild, and everything was going speedily. But then an almost invisible particle entered our safe space and stopped everything. The Corona Virus or Covid-19 is one of the most...

Syed Hamza Dec 31, 1969
Upcoming Architectural & Engineering Projects to Watch out for in the Uae

AIN DUBAI: The world’s tallest observation wheel located at the glamorous Bluewater’s Dubai is due to be completed in late 2020 / early 2021. Visitors will be able to take asnap shot of the infamous...

Amelia Raymen Dec 31, 1969
What is the Ideal Way to Market Your Business on Social Media?

If your business isn’t on any Social Media platform, it’s pretty much non-existent. Social Media is great for communication and provides cost-effective promotion for small businesses to reach out...

Srinivas Sarakadam Dec 31, 1969
How Do Free Mobile Apps Generate Revenue?

Ever wondered how free mobile apps generate revenue? This might sound astonishing but people generate even millions out of their free apps! Following the most appropriate monetization strategy, one...

Deniz John Dec 31, 1969
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