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High Tech or Classic - What Makes Your Perfect Bathroom?

When it comes to style in our homes we all have our very own individual ideas on what works and what doesn’t. Some people favour the more traditional classic feel whilst others prefer something that...

Anna Preston Nov 03, 2016
Premium Member
How to Stop Mould!!

In your new bathroom you will not want to find mould as it can be quite annoying after spending all that time and money redecorating. There are different methods which you can use to ensure that your...

Anna Preston Jun 29, 2015
Install Fancy Cabinets for Your Ideal Bathrooms in Milton Keynes

These days, when it comes to redesigning the bathrooms in Milton Keynes, people are adding furniture to it. It seems to be one of the most popular trends these days. No, not sofas or chairs or tables...

Adriano Akim Oct 16, 2018
Creating a Designer Bathroom on a Limited Budget.

There is often a notion in the minds of the homeowners that designer luxurious bathrooms are expensive projects. The budget is an integral and decisive part of your bathroom designing work and should...

Aparna Ael Oct 15, 2018
How to Adjust Shower and Bathtub in Small Bathroom?

Small bathrooms are not in every case appropriate to large accommodations, for example, bathtubs or showers. Numerous small bathrooms are half-baths, and have toilets and sinks, however, no bathing...

Boehm Alize Sep 13, 2018
5 Handy Tips to Choose the Right over Bath Shower Screen

An over bath shower screen enhances the overall look of any design-led bathroom. If you are truly looking for a unique style for your bathroom, an over bath shower screen is a creative way to go. At...

Luciano Pacini Aug 31, 2018
How to Choose the Perfect Freestanding Bath for Your Bathroom

A freestanding bath adds a unique impression to a bathroom. While freestanding baths used to be added to older homes with built without larger bathrooms, such as the old clawfoot tubs, most homes...

Luciano Pacini Jul 27, 2018
4 Important Cleaning Tips for Your Shower

There may be a few people who flourish with the work associated with keeping a shower space perfect. I'm not one of them. It isn't only that the wiping, squeegee-ing, and spritzing of unforgiving...

Benjamin Dsoza Jul 25, 2018
Bathroom Renovations: Helpful Tips to Do the Task in Budget

When you have an older place and you need to design it with the present-day gauges, you will probably need to do some exceptionally imaginative reasoning and planning. Unless you have a significantly...

Liz Mark Jun 13, 2018
4 Things to Consider While Buying Freestanding Bathtubs

Certainly, freestanding bathtubs append an essence of modern and elegant look to your bathroom. They are like ornaments for your bathroom space, and you can buy them to improve the style...

Luciano Pacini Jun 11, 2018
Bathroom Renovation: Your Needs Determine the Cost

Canadians love fixing up their homes and renovating it to suit their choices. According to a report by Altus Group, a property consultancy firm in Toronto, the total residential renovation spending in...

Christine Delongte Jun 05, 2018
Global Water Bath Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2023

The research and development in the field of product innovation and technology is driving the growth of the global water bath market. The increasing number of research and testing facilities worldwide...

Aryan Singh May 16, 2018
Frequently Asked Questions Dual Flush Toilet

Q. What is a dual flush toilet? A dual flush toilet helps to conserve water by using half (or less) the flush to rinse liquid and light waste from the toilet bowl. They have been around for 20 or 30...

Joe Carrow Mar 03, 2018
Unique Toilet Seats Attachments

Bidet attachments are commonplace over in Europe, but here in America, they're just now gaining in great popularity. Would you believe that the Luxe Bidet mb110 fresh water spray non-electric bidet...

Joe Carrow Mar 03, 2018
Ideal Locations of Toilet As Per Vastu

In Vastu Shastra, facing of the toilet has no relevance at all. Only toilet seat in a particular direction, as per Vastu creates a certain effect, and that is of Disposal, and this actually called as...

Gaurav Gupta Jan 23, 2018
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