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Sol Ami Patria

Member since: Dec 08, 2013
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A Quick Guide to the Best Bathroom Scales for Weight Loss

There is no doubt that if you could buy only one product to help with your efforts to lose weight, it would be a plain digital bathroom scale. A scale gives you the one thing that you need desperately...

Articles > Shopping > Shopping Tips Jul 19, 2015
Are Reel Mowers Good Enough to Replace Motors?

Not a day passes without a newspaper article that talks about the return of the reel lawn mowers. There is some truth to all this. People have a growing fascinaton for rustic stuff and pushing a lawn...

Articles > Home & Garden > Tools & Equipment Mar 18, 2015
D Vitamini Eksikliginden Nasil Kurtulurum?

D vitamini eksikligi kandaki ve dokulardaki D vitamini miktarinin gereken en dusuk miktarin altina inmesi sonucu ortaya çikan komplikasyonlara verilen addir. Bu eksikligin birçok sebebi olabilir ama...

Articles > Writing > Non-English > Health & Fitness Aug 10, 2016
Egg White Protein Powder Could Be Better for Muscle Building Than Whole Eggs

In addition to being one of the best dietary protein sources, eggs are also packed with a number of other important nutrients that are essential for keeping your body fit and healthy. Kids and...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Nutrition Aug 25, 2015
Finding the Best Location for Your Heat Pump Water Heater

The popularity of electric hybrid water heaters in USA is growing and none too soon. This technology has been in widespread use in the rest of the civilized world for some time, now and its...

Articles > Home & Garden > Home Improvement Jan 02, 2015
Foods Scales Are Great for Tracking Your Macros

The three rules of maintaining a muscular and lean body is to eat well, to hold onto a healthy lifestyle and to lift heavy. The eating healthy part is about eating a lot of protein and keeping fat and...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Nutrition Jul 20, 2015
Grammaticalization in Persian and Other Iranian Languages

Although, there is little doubt that Persian is the most important of the Iranian Languages and that it has the largest potential to provide data for grammaticalization research, the rewards of...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Feb 03, 2017
Handheld Vacuum for Wife: Perfect Gift or Blunder

For some reason, vacuum cleaners are often associated with women so it is not hard to guess that many husbands at some point consider buying a vacuum cleaner as a gift for their wives. To help with...

Articles > Home & Garden > Cleaning Jun 03, 2015
How Grammaticalization Works with Adpositions

Linguists have been studying grammaticalization for decades and they have been rather successful at reaching some pretty good theories concerning how languages develop new rules in grammar. In the...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Feb 03, 2017
The Origin of the Persian Language

Persian also known as Farsi is today the official language of Islamic Republic of Iran. Its close variants known as Tajik and Dari are the official languages of Tajikistan and Afghanistan...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Feb 13, 2017
What Are Adpositions?

Adpositions are a unique set of words that are found virtually in every language in one way or another. Adpositions are different from nouns and adjective as they are not really the name of an object...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Feb 13, 2017
What is Contact Induced Grammaticalization

Contact induced grammaticalization is presnetly one of the hot topics of linguistics and every linguist should at least have an idea about what it means. By writing this article, I hope to help you...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Feb 13, 2017
What You Need to Know About Tower Fans

Tower fans look smart and high-tech but there are a few points you need to know if you are planning to get one of these. This article briefly discusses the weaknesses of tower fans. The first thing...

Articles > Home & Garden > Other Mar 18, 2015
Why Hot Water Dispensers Are Better Than Kettles

One of the things that fascinate and intrigue people who travel from UK to USA is the instant hot water dispenser that is found in many luxury American kitchens. Unlike the British who prefer the...

Articles > Home & Garden > Home Improvement Dec 28, 2014
Why People Like Electric Snow Blowers

Electric snow blowers offer less power and throwing range when removing the snow so it is not likely that they will replace gas units in parts deep inside the continent where the snow gets just too...

Articles > Home & Garden > Tools & Equipment May 29, 2015
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