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Debosree Majumder

Member since: May 29, 2021
Published articles: 53

What Are the Challenges of Taking Care of Seniors?

As our beloved elder's age, their body becomes weak and their movements get restricted. They also become emotionally vulnerable and began to feel depressed and lonely. So, there arise a lot of...

Articles > Family > Elderly Care Aug 22, 2021
What Important Things to Look for While Finding Rehab Assistance Services for Your Senior Loved Ones

As old age dawns over a person, he/she can go through certain rough phases in lifelike suffering from depression, loneliness, chronic diseases like diabetes, kidney problems, cancers, etc., and slowly...

Articles > Family > Elderly Care Feb 25, 2022
What is Plantar Fasciitis? What Exercises Can Help to Relieve Heel Pain from It?

Plantar Fasciitis, also known as policeman's heel is an inflammation of a thick band of tissues that connects the heel bone to the toes causing stabbing pain near the heel in the bottom of the foot...

Articles > Home & Garden > Home Improvement Jun 18, 2022
What to Inspect Before Having an Elder Care Service at Home

As people age their mobility and energy get reduced and they need some sort of assistance in doing the basic things like going to the washroom, getting dressed, bathing, eating etc. Moreover, an...

Articles > Family > Elderly Care Jul 04, 2021
When Does a Senior Need the Help of a Professional Caregiver?

As people age the ability and strength of his or her body to perform various activities decrease, they feel lethargic to do daily chores and other works that involves physical movement. It is a common...

Articles > Family > Elderly Care Oct 29, 2021
When Does Your Senior Loved One Need Speech Therapy?

It is important to communicate with our senior loved ones to ensure that they are doing well. But sometimes after suffering a stroke or a major head injury senior people often have impaired speech and...

Articles > Family > Elderly Care May 27, 2022
Why is Post-Hospitalization Home Health Care Required? How Do Home Care Experts Do It?

Post-hospitalization home health care is required when anyone has undergone a critical surgery or has a prolonged stay at the hospital. Sometimes, your beloved seniors may face such situations and you...

Articles > Family > Elderly Care Oct 03, 2021
Why Senior Apartments Are a Smart Choice for Our Elders

We often settle abroad or in other cities for better prospects in jobs and lifestyle. But in this process, our beloved aging parents or other senior members of our family are left alone and they often...

Articles > Family > Elderly Care Jul 20, 2021
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Debosree is a professional writer working in the Senior Care Field for quite a long time. She has written many informative blogs and articles on the senior care facilities that are available. He has a great reader base.